Cleaned the cupboard, kitchen, balcony garden the entire house but did you clean your shoes?

The lockdown and social distancing have truly made our life a bit boring but interestingly wee found a way to learn new skills and understand life and nature in a better way.

The most craved thing during the lockdown and before the lockdown was to travel and roam around with friends and family. Now that the lockdown is over, is your shoe rack and shoes clean? If not, then do it now.

Do it as soon as possible, the beauty elevator collection that is your shoes might be dull and looking all worn out. So, here we are going to help with some tips and tricks to do it carefully and with some expert advice. Leather shoes for men are expensive, durable, timeless, and require just five minutes to maintain. Let us explore a few tips on how to do so.

Putting shine back on your leather shoes

No doubt that leather shoes for men require more attention. Being a timeless beauty and giving out the best Well, back to the office collection is in your art but that classic pure leather shoes can still look fresh if you spend a few minutes. It can save you money.

  • Get those leather shoes of yours out from the rack and,
  • Clean it with a rough cotton cloth or shoe brush.
  • Put some color shoe cream with some sponge applicator.
  • Apply a second layer of leather color matching with your shoe leather and polish it with the hairbrush again. You are good to go!

Just in case you don’t own a shoe care product you can simply brush off the dust and apply the hacks mentioned.

  • Just rub off the dust with a cloth damped in lukewarm water and apply the oil softly. Apply some oils like vegetable oil, olive oil, or walnut oil.
  • You can also instead of oil use the banana peels or petroleum jelly and rub them properly on your shoes. Clean it with the soft cloth. Your formal or semi-formal leather shoes are going to shine as if you just bought them.

Cleaning of men’s leather sandals and leather chappals is also important. It can be also polished following the same tip used for leather shoes for men.

The Casual Shoes Clean-Up

The worst thing you can do is to wash your shoes in the washing machine or intensely with a brush dipped in detergent.

All you got to do is to dip a cotton cloth or tissue in the shoe care shampoo and clean it with a soft brush after the cloth. If you don’t own a specialized footwear shampoo use any mild shampoo to do the task.

Getting rid of the smell

Sitting in the corner and not paying attention to it. Your shoes are going to attract smell and you must take care of them before they make you throw them. The leather sandals are not going to stink but the sneakers but the leather shoes for men surely will. Ensure that it is a must step in your shoe cleaning.

Put some used tea bags into the formal leather shoes to get rid of the smell or try putting the naphthalene balls.


We all want to wear clean and well-polished shoes. But rarely we take any responsibility for cleaning it for its long durability which takes hardly five minutes. It is time that we have adapted ourselves into the new normal and thus formal leather for men will be out from the back and will ask for cleaning as you head towards your office after so long. Surely, you don’t want it to look dull. So, go do the cleaning.

Try spending a few minutes and you can surely ensure your footwear longevity.