Origin and market value:

The introduction of pillow boxes was welcomed in the market because it brought a new design and a new dimension to customizability. Being a fresh addition to previously dull and boring packaging boxes, they broke in very quickly and soon became one of the most liked custom boxes. We are very well past that time when only a single shape of rectangular boxes with brown color was used for shipping almost every single thing in the world.
Packaging business has perpetually gone up over the years, and there don’t seem to any stopping them. One of the significant reasons behind this growth of packaging business is the growth of e-commerce. Since in e-commerce, people are ordering things at their doorsteps, and every product needs an essential packaging box. When you have a comprehensive look at the number of products people are ordering every day globally, you can easily foresee the future of packaging business.

Custom pillow boxes – An answer to your packaging needs:

Regardless of whether you run a business and have to send your goods packed to customers, or if you just want to send a gift to your loved ones, a variety of pillow packaging will always help you in that. Not only can they be used to ship gifts, but also to create gifts, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries’ cards.
And when we talk about sending gifts, there are other ways and other types of boxes as well to send them, but what is different about pillow style boxes is the personal touch and unique look that they offer.

It isn’t, however, to say that appeal of these boxes is limited to the aesthetics, but also their robustness, which ticks all the boxes that people look for when they have to send something important. Apart from the gifts, they have so many uses that make them ideal packaging boxes.

Marketing and Promotions

These boxes are ideal for the marketing and promotional purposes of the business. When you are running different discounts and promotions, you’d love to convey your brand’s message along with making sure that it reaches the customer safely.
Pillow boxes are not only ideal for safe packaging but also for giving the right impression to your customers. Custom designed pillow boxes will make your packaging look professional, along with taking out your brand’s name.

Use in the cosmetic industry

These boxes are widely used in the cosmetic industry being handy and having an appealing shape. Almost every store uses these boxes to display a variety of cosmetic materials, i.e., Soaps, Mascaras, and eye shadows, etc.
For perishable cosmetic materials, a layer of aluminum is used inside these boxes to protect them for decaying processes and give them a long life.

Use in food and medicine industry

As mentioned earlier, for perishable materials, an aluminum layer is used in the inner surface of these boxes to preserve them. It is why the food and medicine industry has used these boxes for long.
Storage and durability have always been an issue for the food industry mainly. It has used various ways throughout history to preserve it, but everything fails at some spot. Aluminum-coated boxes have, however, offered a great way of safeguarding and increasing the durability of food. Almost every perishable food these days is stored in aluminum-coated boxes.
Similarly, the medicine industry has also struggled to give a long life to medicines. These boxes with aluminum layer coated inside them offer a great way out to the woes of this industry. Drugs now have an extended effectivity period thanks to these boxes.

Gifts and Birthdays

As previously discussed, the primary purpose of these boxes is to pack your gifts in them for your loved ones on their birthdays and other auspicious occasions.
Understandably, some people do not pay much attention to the boxes that they use for their gift, thinking that they could either be expensive or useless as well as expensive. But, it is different when it comes to pillow boxes because they are neither costly nor ineffective. They protect your gift like nothing else, and they are cheap.

They give a personal touch with the gift that is packed in it. Whether you’re gifting a watch or a golden bracelet, these boxes will ensure that the gift is safe, and the outlook is as good as the gift inside.

Wedding Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes can be customized to make favor boxes, also known as wedding pillow boxes, to say thank you to the people who attended your big day.

Why are pillow boxes widely preferred?


One of the primary reasons behind the success of pillow boxes is their durability. Since they are mostly made of card box material, they are trustworthy. They are also waterproof to ensure that your package inside of them doesn’t get damaged by the water.


There aren’t many customization options in the shape of pillow boxes, but there can be a deep level of customization in the color scheme and size of these boxes. You can design to match the specification of your product, put your brand logo on them, and give them color in accordance.
They also offer you an enhancement option, and you can add glittery ribbons, buttons, flowers, and bows to give them an add-on value.


The first thing that you notice when you have a pillow box in your hands is their unique shape. You do not want to ignore them or place them away once you have them, and this always stands them out from rest.

If you are running a small enterprise or a big one, these boxes are an excellent solution for your packaging questions. A single pillow box is cheap, but Pillow boxes bulk is even cheaper and pillow boxes wholesale dealers often offer further discounts if you order them in high quantity, thus decreasing the packaging costs of your business.