Many couples struggle to have a meaningful relationship and seem clueless when it comes to making it last. Yet they crave a quality love life that goes beyond physical attraction. They wonder if relationships really can work. And if so, how? Is it possible to enjoy love, sex, and a lasting relationship in the culture and times in which we live? In this new book, Chip Ingram examines why many relationships fail and highlights the principles couples need for breaking the trend. Whether single or single again, those who have heard Chip’s teaching and radio ministry have reported significant help as a result of their exposure to these principles from God’s Word. Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships covers: “the secret to a lasting relationship (God’s view vs. Hollywood’s view) “successful and unsuccessful strategies for finding “the right person” “ways to know if you’re in love or merely infatuated “why knowing the difference between love and sex makes all the difference “how to be sexually pure in a sex-saturated society “why sex is such serious business to God “revolutionary ways to attract and relate to the opposite sex “how to give a marriage the best chance of success Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships is a fresh approach for those who deeply desire lifelong meaningful relationships. It combines biblical teaching, sociological research, and personal stories, often challenging widely held beliefs, even among Christians, about how to establish and maintain healthy relationships. In his winsome but straightforward approach, Chip provides a new lens through which to look at the opposite sex and practical, specific ways to build the kind of relationships that last.

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