Loan EMI calculator is an online calculator used to find the monthly EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) based on the principal amount, tenure, and rate of interest. Borrowers typically use the EMI calculator initially before proceeding with the application of the loan. We can discuss the benefits of EMI calculator comprehensively as below:

For convenience:

In comparison to the conventional pen-and-paper calculations, a personal loan calculator provides the much-needed comfort to borrowers as one can find the estimates in a span of milliseconds. You also do not need to visit the NBFC to know the monthly EMI of any loan. With such calculations, you can decide the loan.

For accuracy:

Supposedly, you are using the conservative pen-paper method to find the EMIs of any particular loan; it might not provide the best results. To save time and provide accurate results, the EMI calculator can serve as a fruitful partner here. Note that the accuracy in calculations is essential for you to plan your repayment phase.

For faster results:

Think about visiting financial institutions or using a pen-paper for your loan calculations. The process can become cumbersome while using an online EMI calculator, but it will help you to find the results quicker when compared to other traditional methods. Even financial advisors use EMI calculators to give you accurate loan EMI details for an insightful discussion about your loans. 

Different types for different needs:

It is necessary to know that there are various types of EMI calculators catering to different types of loans as well, like home loans, vehicle loans, and so on. These online calculators are designed explicitly for your requirements, and you can find your loan interest rates, monthly EMI, and tenure using such provision. 

Better visual representation:

Personal loan calculators can provide a graphical representation of your loan details with better visuals. In other words, such calculators would present the details in a pictorial representation of principal outstanding, personal loan interest rates, and so on. 

Amortization table:

The best thing about loan EMI calculator is that it provides an amortization table by which you can know how the loan will progress over time. Such an arrangement can help you in planning your repayment phase in a well-organised manner.

Use for countless times:

Interestingly, you can use online EMI calculators multiple times, and they will provide you with accurate details every time. If you have not figured out your repayment structure yet, you can always come back to the online calculator to have the monthly personal loan EMIs customised as per requirements.

Makes shopping easier:

Shopping for any loan can be hectic given the fact that there are several types of loans, and there are more than dozens of financial institutions that provide such loans. You can use the online EMI calculators of each loan type to suit your requirements. Each lender available online gives the option of using their EMI calculator, which you can use to find their best rates. Also, if you have any questions regarding additional charges, you can always ask your financial advisor in the NBFC, who will make things easier for you when finalising one.

Comprehensive expense calculator:

Additionally, there are  NBFCs, which include processing and other charges in the calculation table, which can help you determine your total spendings to your financial institution. By that way, you will not stare at any last-minute expenses that might surprise you. Hence, such EMI calculators can be beneficial to you to plan your repayment phase well.


Nowadays, getting a loan is becoming increasingly accessible. You need to ensure that your credit history is positive, submit necessary documents, and thereby get the loans. But the real challenge is to find a financial partner who suits your requirements, is flexible, and provides long term value. A loan EMI calculator is among the best ways to find out if you can engage with the lending institution, thereby meeting your objective of finding the right financial partner.