The best hair system can break or make the personality of a person. The most suitable one can offer a lot of advantages as well as is quite easy to opt for. Now, this can be the conversation that you have been having with yourself a long time before you realized that purchasing the hair system is an ideal option to get the hair back. The hair system is the most perfect solution which brings the much needed positive change as well as assists you stay self-assured in case you experience the disappointment of premature hair loss. 

Various types of hair replacement systems are an evolved solution for both women and men facing the issue of baldness. Several terms will keep coming up while you begin the research as well as then many astonishing factors to consider for making sure that you get the right hair system for yourself. 

Below mentioned are top 7 things to keep in mind for choosing the best hair system –

1. Choose between durability and naturalness – 

These 2 competing factors, naturalness and durability, never go hand-in-hand thereby you can’t have both while choosing the hairpiece. It will be the starting point for a decision on your choice among the different types of hair replacement systems. The less natural your hair system looks, the more durable it is as well as inversely, the less durable your hair system is, the more natural it will look. 

This will result in one to start weighing up several pros as well as cons of the most general materials utilized for making hairpieces, i.e., monofilament, skin, or lace. Precisely, lace is for someone whose priority is the natural appearance and mono (filament) bases are often selected by those people who wish for the long-lasting system. When it comes to cost, there are several units to pick from which can fit the preferred budget and avoid the problem of hair loss, but you should determine between naturalness and durability which one is more significant than the other. 

2. Budget – 

You must make an adequate budget for those hairpieces for men/women that you wish to purchase. There are personalized hair systems and stock hair systems. The latter ones are affordable since they are not personalized, on the other hand, the former ones are specifically produced for the customer. Used for avoiding the embarrassment caused due to hair loss, the personalized hair systems will look just like the natural hair as well as are undetectable. 

Before purchasing the hair system, you should talk to a professional about how much you would prefer to spend on the hair system. Maybe, you cannot deny the fact that price is more often one of the major decisive aspects of any buying decision. The reality is that personalized hair systems are much more expensive as compared to the stock ones as well as the more intricate you wish the system to be the more costly it will be. So, if you want a personalized look with real hair wigs, keep it in mind that you would have to spend a few more bucks. 

3. The lifestyle – 

Before you order for hair systems, you must evaluate the lifestyle. Do you wish to get something that you will visit a beach with? Or do you desire the hairpiece which integrates with your natural hair? Make it a point to review your lifestyle as well as interact with the non-surgical hair replacement professional on the available options and which of them is suitable as per the lifestyle. 

Consult a professional on maintenance practice for every type of real hair wigs and pick the way which will be the most suitable one for you. Consider things like – do you wear the headset or hat frequently? 

Are you at a gym for most of the day or are you at the desk job? Do you stay in front of a camera more often? Or do you go for the swim regularly? These queries are important as it will assist determine which type of attachment method and base will be the perfect one for holding the hair system right. 

4. Hair color – 

One needs to be most cautious while opting for style, texture, and color as a single mistake can create a huge problem. That is why in this case, expert opinion is of huge importance. Only the senior stylist who is well-aware of the aesthetic parameters, as well as the pros and cons of hair wigs, can assist you on the same. While taking the hair sample, avoid taking the volume of your hair which is too small or too short. This kind of sample can make it very tough or almost impossible for a factory to produce a similar color match. 

In case the hair is not so dark, it would be better for you to order the color which is approximately 2 shades lighter as compared to your hair on the back. After weighing the pros and cons of hair wigs, begin from your head’s back as it will be the darkest color and proceed around to your temples and sides. In case you are unsure whether the chosen color is the most suitable one, let your friends or families have a look at it as well. 

5. Hair system securing method – 

The cheap human hair wigs can be secured using glue, tape, or adhesive. Always remember that the hair system can either be semi-permanent, permanent, or temporary. You have to decide which type of hair system will be the most suitable one for your requirements. The temporary ones are simple to wear and are more famous, comfortable, and convenient. Also, the temporary hair system is bonded to the hair using clips or tape. 

As far as the semi-permanent method is concerned, it is applied to utilize glue as well as you can wear a hair system all through without having to remove it. Permanent cheap human hair wigs are applied with the help of adhesive as well as they last for a long time. 

Attaching the hair system with tape needs the perfect fit-in-size as well as shape and blending with your natural hair. In case you wish to wear the hair system through attaching it to your hair, then it is suggested to make the measurements sufficiently big for going into about 1/2 inch into your hair so that there is enough existent hair for holding this hair system in place. 

6. Opt for the right type of hair system – 

The ideal type of hair utilized is the chemically treated human hair. Often, human hair is sourced from India, Europe, and China (not easily available). For choosing the best hair system for yourself, you have to know about terms like hair clubs and the reason behind your baldness so that only the right choice is made. Often, Chinese hair is tough to style and thick as against the Indian hair that can be treated as well as styled conveniently and are comparatively thinner. 

The European hair is soft and delicate as well as can be efficiently designed without having to address the heavy chemicals. However, it is not quickly available, thereby it is quite costly. Moreover, synthetic hair wigs can be better at holding their style even after getting washed. As far as the human hair wigs are concerned, they are produced out of actual human hair so that they feel and look real, however, they also need to be restyled after you wash them just like natural hair. 

7. Your face shape – 

Each face needs a special hair system, so it is important to know about the best one which is suitable for the face as well as you do not end up having a bad experience. Distinctive styles work on distinctive face shapes. You have to be aware of issues like hair clubs and below-mentioned are some instant tips to follow based on the selection of hair system according to your face shape, 

  • For the heart-shaped face, your hair system must fall to the chin as well as below. Also, curls are a good choice. 
  • For the oval-shaped face, the curls will frame your face gorgeously while still permitting for movement and texture. 
  • With the square-shaped face, the hair systems with short to medium length along with a bit of texture are a good idea. 
  • With those who have a diamond-shaped face, the styles which do not add extra volume, however, add texture are favorable. 


To know which type of hair system, synthetic hair wigs or natural human hair wigs, will work for you, it is imperative to take the help of a non-surgical hair replacement professional who will suggest you on the most perfect-personalized hair system for the hair. For all the first-time hair system buyers out there, it might be overwhelming to opt for the right hair system, but if you keep the above-mentioned points in mind, there is no denying the fact that you will make the right choice.