This buyer’s guide explains the basics of the FPV drone radio transmitter. In addition to price, supported frequencies and protocols, and number of channels, there are many factors to consider when purchasing TX.

A radio transmitter (also known as TX) is used to remotely control the UAV. The user’s command is then received by a radio receiver (Rx) connected to the flight controller.

The radio transmitter should be one of the first things to buy after entering the FPV, because before you have a UAV, you can use it to play with an UAV simulator. Unlike other parts and accessories, they are more likely to break down or become obsolete. A good radio will follow you for many years, so it’s OK to spend more money on a good radio.

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There are too many choices, right? Here are some of my suggestions. But I encourage you to do more research and look at the reviews of your favorite stations before you make a decision.

The cheapest thing to have (oh, frisky)

BetaFPV LiteRadio 2

This is the cheapest option on the list and even supports FPV emulators. It’s very small, so you can take it anywhere. The main limitation is the lack of switches, and it only supports frsky D16 and D8 protocols, nothing else. See my literary review 2.

Best value and versatility

Radiomaster TX16S

In my opinion, the most universal and valuable radio is tx16. It has a multi protocol module that supports almost all protocols and is fully compatible with crossfire. Full size Hall sensors gimbals give you a full range of rod travel and superior accuracy. All this, and more, is only $130. Please refer to my comments on tx16s. I suggest you use this radio for cross fire modules.

Portable TX for cross fire

TBS Tango 2

It’s very portable, but with great ergonomics. According to TBS, Tango 2 has a high quality full-size gimbals with a fordable stick (only in the professional version), which is great for transportation. Built in 900MHz cross fire module, the maximum output power is 250MW. It runs opentx with built-in USB charging. It’s made by TBS – a brand you can trust in terms of quality.