The vibrant city of Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, one of the most popular states in terms of touring and traveling. The city of Jaipur is brimming with colors all throughout the year, blessed with some of the most enchanting forts, and jam-packed mesmerizing markets that have some of the finest leather apparel and footwear’s for you. Jaipur tour package is your ideal holiday package, popularly known as the Pink City because of the colored domes and structures located across the streets of the city, Jaipur’s mystique is so strong that countless visitors in India and abroad are drawn by it. The city of Jaipur along with Delhi and Agra completes the much-loved golden triangle in the country.

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Get yourself a travel package of the city of Jaipur today from the best travel company in the city and travel in style without having to stress about expenses. The packages are available in a wide variety and can be purchased based on your preferences and the budget. It is the capital of the historically rich state of Rajasthan. The architectural marvels of the city are evidence of its glorious past and you can witness the traces of the same in the magnificent architecture across the city. There are tons of places to be explored from the captivating Hawa Mahal to the glorious City Palace, each site of the city depicts its own story and has considerable historical significance. The markets of Jaipur are full of beautiful handicrafts and jewelry which are unique, it is highly advisable you purchase something from these markets as a part of memories related to the city.

In recent times the city has seen an equal surge in modernization and urbanization, Jaipur is growing at a fast rate and we don’t wonder why. You can find fancy malls, high-end restaurants, and prestigious educational institutions in the city but the local delicacies and food you find across the streets of the city remain the highlights of the city. You will find some of the most lovable and welcoming people in these parts of the country, ready to offer help at any time. Its economy is growing each day, with the addition of different types of industries ranging from manufacturing to information technology.

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The animated culture of the city is mirrored in the colors, the use of traditional Rajasthani cuisine and respectful care of all including visitors. You can move around anywhere and experience some of the finest and soul-soothing music, Rajasthani folk music is one of the best across the country. There are many swanky shops and excellent restaurants across the city where you can enjoy the cuisines of Rajasthan. The best time to travel the city is during the spring season when the weather is not very hot but pleasant. We advise you to make a booking well in advance to avoid the last-minute hassles and any unusual price hike.