The spa in Al Barsha can be a relaxing treatment, but it can also greatly enhance your health and wellness! Massage treatment can alleviate all kinds of diseases-from physical pain, stress and anxiety. All who want to add daily massages to their health care can not only enjoy a relaxing hour or two at the Spa, but see the benefits transfer over the days and weeks after the appointment!

1. May Alleviate Headaches Massages

If you have a stress-type headaches or migraines, medical research has shown that frequent massages can contribute to reducing or even eliminating this painful problem.

2. Boost movement

Loosening muscles and tendons allows blood flow to be increased throughout the body. Improving your breathing will have a variety of positive effects on your health, including less fatigue and less pain relief!

3. Reduce Joint Pain Massages

Joint pain is a common problem for all, including pregnant women to fibromyalgia. A daily massage will relieve this discomfort. In fact, many medical professionals refer a licensed massage therapist to patients with joint pain.

4: Night improves

Not only do massage benefits promote restful sleep, but it also helps people who can not rest easily elsewhere. According to the research of the University of Warwick, massages help children to sleep more, cry less and be less stressed.

5. Allow toxins

Stimulating the body’s soft tissues helps to remove toxins into the blood and lymph systems.

6. Massages will reduce the anxiety dramatically

About 40 million Americans have some form of anxiety, and this can sometimes be emotionally borderline. Anxiety is also responsible for nearly a third of the overall mental health expenditure in the country. The good news is that massage will halve the body’s stress hormone levels, thus alleviating the symptoms of anxiety.

7. Reduce Tiredness

Massage therapy is known to improve morale and encourage improved sleep quality, helping you feel comfortable at the end of the day and less stressed out.

8. Depression and anxiety relieve

Massage therapy can help release endorphins into your body to feel relaxed, healthy and secure.

9. Reduce swelling following surgery and post-injury

A professional massage is an excellent way to safely handle a sports injury or rehabilitation after surgery.

Would you think massage therapy will support you in any of these areas? What changes in your wellbeing would you like to see? Contact us today with your massage therapy questions and see how we can help you to improve your health and wellness!

Last Thoughts

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First start with the easiest limits. Setting limits is a skill to be learned. If required, enlist support from others. Inform people when they have crossed the line immediately.

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The more you set your own limits, the more you know and accept other people’s boundaries.

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