Years ago, Native Americans warmed stones and put them in their bodies to make them feel better. It may have been the predecessor to the modern massage with hot stones, one of today’s most soothing and pleasurable massage techniques.

What’s the Massage of Hot Stone?

As the name suggests, hot stone massage is one of those common specialty massages that makes use of extra smooth stones that are heated before using them to put pressure on the body. Many different kinds of stones are used by hot oil massage in Deira therapists, and the largest of these common stones used for this form of massage is basalt. Basalt is around the size of a baseball; it is a near-black, dark-colored volcanic rock that is well known for heat absorption. Some massage practitioners choose to make us use oil and basalt together. There are also those between the stones and the body who will put a cloth. The ultimate objective is to provide relief through the warmth and pressure from the stone, whatever is used together with the stones and whatever variation.

How’s your Hot Stone Massage done?

Before using a stone, massage in Al Rigga therapists first use conventional massage for around 45 minutes; it can be one of the many types, such as Swedish and Shiatsu. Others dump oil on the body and rub it. The massage therapist sanitizes the stone. The stones are then heated from 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit in hot, sanitized water. The therapist will now massage a part of the body, placing the correct amount of pressure, after one stone is removed from the warm water and dried. To ensure the stone is not too hot, the therapist always keeps the stone first. The therapist replaces it with another warm one as the stone cools.

The massaged body parts are usually the feet, legs, arms, hands, stomach, back, shoulders, neck, and scalp muscles. The hot stones are used to melt muscle tensions away and to make the client know that the energy permeates across the body in such a way. To improve the massage setting, calming music is usually played.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

There are several advantages that can be obtained from a hot stone massage. Improved blood supply is one of the immediate advantages. Diseases may also be healed, aside from the calming and soothing feeling one gets out of the massage. It is argued that massage can treat the following diseases or conditions: osteoarthritis and arthritis pain, pain in the back and muscles, poor circulation, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, and tension.

The early practitioners may have discovered the joy of hot stone massage, but in relaxation and massage, the new therapists have perhaps made it the ultimate.