COVID 19 is the elephant in the room. It is huge but nobody sees it. In fact, even national and international media that cried at the beginning of the pandemic have fallen silent these days. They don’t address the larger issue. Covid 19 has caused huge problems to the financial markets, economic condition of the countries and various sectors like international business, travel and tourism. However, most important issues caused by the global pandemic is the impact it has made on the minds and mental health of people.


Unlike physical problems, psychological problems manifest at a very slow rate. Further, it is impossible for the others to find the real problem behind the psychological issues. So, most people overlook the implication of the psychological health. However, the impacts are far worse than physical problems. For example if anyone faces an issue in the leg, they will not be able to move freely but in the modern world, most works can be done remotely. At the same time, if someone is facing a psychological problem, no matter where they go, their productivity will still be much below their normal amount. This is why it is very important to address and treat your mental problems.


Causes for a Large Number of Problems


A psychological problem can be caused by a number of reasons. It can be caused either by the deep rooted insecurities in the minds of the individual or at the seemingly unstable condition of the individual. In most cases, psychological issues are problems caused by the unfavourable and traumatic experiences in the past during childhood or years before the manifestation of the problem.


Some of the common symptoms of deep rooted psychological troubles are as follows.


  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Irritability
  • Passiveness in Life


These symptoms can manifest slowly but it is important to address them all.


Best Way to Treat Mental Problems


For a large number of psychological and physical problems, we have the cure and treatment readily available. Only in certain extreme cases, you don’t have a way to treat the mental problems. For most problems we have a psychiatric hospital in Chennai. If you or anyone in your circle has a problem that is impacting the normal life, it can be easily treated with the help of a psychiatrist in Chennai.


Most people suffering from the mental problems or depression switch to alcohols or drugs that gives them a symptomatic relief. In fact, most people get worse when they fall into such destructive behaviours. They get addicted to these habit forming substances and become an addict.


Treating Addiction in the Best Way


Addiction can be treated effectively with proper psychologist and with proper counselling sessions. A great way to treat addiction is to get into the treatment of a rehabilitation centre in Chennai. Serene Life Hospital is a leading mental health hospital in Chennai.


People who don’t get treated for the addiction find happiness in their imaginations. They imagine things that they want to be true. Some people dwell too much in their imaginations and it leads to many psychological problems like


  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder


Some of the problems are also psycho-somatic in origin. That is the physical problems that are manifested due to the mental issues. For example too much of stress can cause hypertension and high blood pressure in an individual. This high blood pressure can lead to coronary blocks or even stroke. Such people need bipolar disorder treatment in Chennai. Serene Life Hospital is one of the best psychiatric hospitals and schizophrenia treatment center in chennai.


The rehabilitation centre is conveniently located in the centre of the city and it is accessible through a number of modes of transport. You get access to world class treatments and therapies at affordable prices in Chennai. Our experienced psychiatrists and psychologists have helped thousands of people recover from their mental and psychological problems.


So, what are you waiting for? If you or anyone in your family is suffering from these issues, do check out the various treatments that we offer in Chennai. To know more Visit