You have bought the dream car of your life. Now you need to transfer it to another State because it is a long-distance move. You have already booked a notedPackers And Movers Pune to Chennai team for the move. Unless you have sought the services of an experienced provider such as Cloudpackers, you should be careful. Please note the mistakes you should avoid during the car transportation. 

  • Haste in Choosing the Shifting Service Company – You need to choose the right vehicle transport company for shifting your car. Yes, many companies advertise similar kinds of services. But a small mistake in choosing the right car transport and some parts of the car may get damaged. So, do not get any surprises.
  • Not Asking for the Charges – Try to know the red flags you will get when opting for a service provider. If they charge too high an amount, then it is a red flag. Check the rates and then make the decision.
  • Not Checking the Transportation Vehicle – Do the Movers And Packers Pune to Kolkata shifting mover’s company in Pune have its fleet of vehicles? Check the vehicle that is going to ship your car. 
  • Deadline Restrictions – Ensure you sign on the form which has a perfect delivery date. Do not go by the words of the supervisor. If your car is taken into a container with other cars, chances are a late delivery.
  • Not Packing – If you believe in preventing scratches, ensure the entire body of the car is covered with bubble wrap and other items.


  • Trusting on only Referrals – Even if it is a referral, ensure you get the quotation from at least four companies. Check the reviews on various websites and social media platforms. Compare the charges. Do your homework. 
  • Not making the Preparations for Car – Ensure you remove the important documents from the car. Switch off the AC, batter, and of course the alarm. Ensure that the mirrors are properly folded inside. Check the air on the tires. In case of any doubts, ask the supervisor.



Hope you have gained good tips and taken note of the mistakes you should avoid during the Household Shifting Service car transportation. The last point – do not forget to check thoroughly the car after delivery. In case of a scratch or damage, check the options for a claim.