If a tree in the garden becomes too large, many home and property owners would prefer to pull out the axe or chainsaw and cut it down. But you can’t do tree stump removal easily. You will learn what options are available to eliminate the tree completely. Because while branches and trunks can be shredded well, the stump and roots usually remain in the ground.

Remove the stump with muscle strength and technique

Depending on the root type, you can now consider how you want to do tree stump removal. Before you start moving with heavy equipment, you can try it with muscle strength and the correct procedure. However, it also depends heavily on the diameter of the stump; anything over 50 centimeters requires mechanical support and cannot be mastered with muscle strength alone.

  • Residual height: The most crucial factor is the extra height of the stump. If possible, the trunk should still be 1 to 2 meters high. This means that you can use it as a lever for later work and achieve greater strength.
  • Flat roots: Tree stumps with flat roots can be dug out with a spade and an axe for smaller diameters. With the spade, you dig a circle with a diameter of 2 to 4 meters to the primary roots. You can then cut the roots with a spade or an axe. You can also use the chainsaw, but you have to keep in mind that the chain quickly becomes unsharp during earthwork. Then you have to pry the tree stump in different directions until the roots break.
  • Pulley: A pulley must be used during tree stump removal if there is a strong fixed point, another tree or the like nearby. They can exert enormous forces and pull smaller tree stumps straight out of the ground. With rows of firs or hedges, you can move the pulley from tree to tree.
  • Long-term: You can also have your tree stump removal by nature. To do this, cut it just above the ground and drill holes in it. You can also use the chainsaw to cut slots in the stump. The water can pull particularly well into the stump, causing the stump to rot over time. However, this can take a few years. In the meantime, the tree stump can also serve as decoration and be decorated or ordered with flowers.

Tree Stump Removal

Removing larger stumps requires strong machines

If the tree diameter is much too large or you stop working by hand after some time, you need the right tools for this task. There is a large selection here, which machines are right for you, you decide yourself or in cooperation with a tree stump removal expert on site. Here are the most common methods.

  • Stump grinder: You get a stump grinder with your drive or as an attachment for a tractor with a corresponding unit. The milling machine chops the stump into wood chips. The chips can then be left as mulch in your garden or disposed of. You can borrow a self-propelled stump grinder from a hardware store or garden shop for a fee.
  • Excavator: You can dredge the tree stump with an excavator. The excavator exposes the roots and then cuts them. You can borrow an excavator, but without experience, it is advisable to ask a tree stump removal professional as a supporter for help.


In most cases, tree stump removal requires a lot of strength and special technical equipment. It is much favorable if you bring in an expert team of tree stump removal for such tasks.