Before you start calling movers Chicago companies and doing research, you should first determine the type of moving company that you need.

The next thing you need to do is to ask your neighbours, co-workers, friends for some personal recommendations as well as warnings. This is always helpful because these people are the kind of people that you trust so you can rely on their recommendations as well.

If you already have a list of companies from the recommendations that you got, then you can start calling now.

As a customer, you also have the right to ask questions about the services that they offer before you decide on getting them. The first thing that you should know is that reputable movers companies have different insurance documents.

So you must ask them if they have these documents such as automotive insurance, worker’s compensation, general liability, and motor truck cargo insurance. Most moving companies are actual members of state or national moving associations.

If ever you encounter a certain moving company that is a member of these associations, you’re assured that this is a valid company even though affiliation is not required in the moving industry.

You will know if that certain moving company is not a reliable one if they’re having trouble answering your questions or providing necessary legal documents and licenses during your interview.

Watch out for hidden rates since some firms don’t mention these during inquiries unless they really ask about them. Moving companies have different pricing structures, some would charge their customers based on hourly rates and some would charge them based on the total weight of items that are going to be moved.

Ask these companies how long they have been doing this kind of business. Ask about the experience of their packers and drivers. The next thing you should do is verify if the moving company that you plan on hiring is licensed and regulated.

How do you verify this? You can do so through the help of state agencies that regulate transportation services. You can also seek the help of the Public Utility Commission or Department of Transportation.

Check with the mover if they’re a member of a trade association like the American Movers Conference. This will come in handy for you if ever you experience disputes with the company.

Now, you can narrow down your choices. You can now ask your choices of movers for estimates. It is always best to get several bids to find the best deal. Always bring up questions or confusion that you have in mind.

Tell them about large and fragile items and ask how these items will be handled.

Always ask for their pricing structures and avoid companies that have complicated pricing structures in order to lessen your expenses when moving and avoid hidden rates.

Today, the Internet has been used by many different people with different uses, and most of them are to advertise their company and offered services to their potential customers online. It attracts more customers this way since more and more people today are going online.