Sydney is a great cosmopolitan city with plenty of things to offer. Some of these things include beautiful sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, water sports, top-class entertainment, exquisite choice of food and wine served in places providing spectacular views, amazing natural sights and abundant career prospects. So, a city that truly has something for everybody. However, there are some things to consider before moving to Australia – take a look at them!

1.   Consider the cost of life in Sydney

If you’re thinking about moving to Australia, the first thing you should consider is the cost of living. Do you have any idea about the basics and their costs? It’s only logical that Sydney is expensive, being the large metropolitan capital. However, this is justified by the fact that it also offers the best job opportunities, with high salaries. For example, to get an idea of how much living in Sydney costs, let’s compare its prices with the prices in other countries. Take food and restaurants – they are more expensive in cities like New York, Paris and LA, while they are cheaper in Dubai and Toronto. Sydneysiders say that you should know where and when to buy food, that will save you some money.

2.   Think about buying or renting a property

Renting or buying in Sydney is definitely not cheap. Purchasing a property might also be additionally complicated and the prices highly depend on many different factors. People usually opt for renting and depending on how much money they can set aside for rent each month, they choose a suitable location. Renting in inner suburbs is much more affordable than living in an apartment offering harbour views. To lower the cost of living in Sydney, many people opt for living with a roommate, which can have its positive and negative sides. Anyway, whatever option you choose, make sure to hire a locksmith in Sydney to change your locks to ensure safety and security before moving in.

3.   Get a car

Even though Sydney has a great public transportation system, there are times such as the weekends when buses and trains don’t go as frequently as during the weekdays. It can sometimes be a little troublesome. On the other hand, driving in central Sydney is not as stressful as in other huge metropolitan cities due to a big number of tunnels that can get you to the other side of the city in no time and without getting stuck in traffic jams. Also, it can come in handy when going to the beach and taking all the things you need. Exploring Australia and going on exciting road trips is simply inconceivable without a car.

4.   Always wear sunscreen

Some people would say it’s an obvious tip for someone moving to a country with a hot climate, such as Australia. First of all, the intensity of the sun is different than in other parts of the world. You can easily burn even when the temperature is around 20 degrees. Doctors suppose that majority of Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point before turning 70, due to strong and harmful UV rays. Remember to put on sunscreen whenever leaving your home and use a high factor, such as SPF 50 when sunbathing. Sunscreen alone won’t be enough to protect you from the sun, so think about covering up most of your skin with some light cloth, hide in shade and wear a big hat.

5.   Be mindful of dangerous animals

Even though many people associate Australia with deadly and poisonous animals such as lethal snakes and tarantulas, box jellyfish and dingos, these creatures are usually to be found in the outback or deep in the ocean, not in the middle of a huge city. You can encounter some insects from time to time, so it’s a good idea to check your shoes before putting them on. Other than that, be careful around tall grass and be mindful of your pet or kid wandering off somewhere in the wilderness.


Sydney has everything – breathtaking nature, modern buildings, an abundance of exquisite restaurants, plenty of shopping options, variety and what’s most important, a chance to disconnect from the world from time to time. It is an excellent base for a happy, healthy and prosperous life.