Mucilage is useful as binding agent in medicine and due to its healing property is used in ointments and its cryoprotective property is increasing demands in pharmaceutical industry. The American and European mucilage market is in demand and is expected to grow positive during forecast period.

Mucilage is a gelatinous substance which contains protein and polysaccharides which is produced by nearly all plants and few microorganisms which includes protists. It is maximally found in agar from red algae and also in flax seeds, fenugreek, chia seed, marshmallow roots, psyllium, nopales, and aloe.  Earlier it was mainly used for medicinal purpose but now has a variety of applications into food industry, cosmetics and health care. The American and Asian market has wide use of mucilage into ink, glue and adhesive industry. The global market of cosmetics is growing and so the use for natural products also. Therefore the demand for mucilage in cosmetics will increase in upcoming years.

Multi-purpose of Mucilage Increases its Growth Factor 

There is an increasing demand for processed food in the food industry into which mucilage is used as a thickening, gel-forming agent, and an emulsifying agent. For direct consumption of dairy products like yogurt, flavored milk, and ice creams it is also used as a stabilizer. Hydrocolloids developed from mucilage is used for providing textural functionality in food such as fruit fillings, jam, dessert,  dairy-based drinks and water binding in meat products. Different types of antioxidants are present in mucilage which slows the aging process and which can be vitally used in cosmetics. Mucilage has various health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, lowers Low-Density Lipid, sooth gastrointestinal tract, reduces blood pressure, boost the immune system and so has wide applications into medicine and pharmaceutical. With increased awareness of health and care, people are turning to various healthy products. Mucilage, when combined with activated charcoal, helps in the detoxing body.  It also hydrates and protects skin and so is used on wounds, cuts, burns, ulcers, and other cosmetics. Hydrocolloids developed into nanofiber is used for dressing wounds. Mucilage coming with many health benefits there is huge market development in medicine, health care and pharmaceutical market in the forecast period.

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Mucilage market: Key players

The mucilage market key players are Revolvy, Acumen Food Stuff Trading LLC,, Boyer’s Food Market Inc, Carter’s Inc, Atebio Zheng zhou Angte Exprot & Import Trading Co., Ltd. Industrialists and manufacturers are showing interest in mucilage market as the demand is increasing every year for the use of natural and health beneficial products.

Mucilage Market: Opportunities for Market Participants

Researchers are coming up with mucilage edible films and coatings to cover fruits and food products with application in increasing shelf life. This will bring major change to packaging food and fruit materials as it will be eco-friendly and helping with increasing pollution problems. Mucilage has emerged as a new way for electrospinning. Nanofibers are being developed from mucilage which opens a new market for the textile industry in fabrication. Mucilage extracts are also used in the cosmetic industry. The mucilage market comes with a large variety of applications and new market development. Bound to these factors, the growth of the mucilage market is expected to remain positive over the forecast period.

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Mucilage Market: A Regional Outlook

Mucilage market is more developed in Asia Pacific, Africa, and Europe due to the easy availability of source. China uses it maximally into the adhesive industry. American markets have used it in inks and are now turning to its various other applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetics. There is a large amount of import-export of food and plant products globally with increasing profits and development in American and European mucilage market.

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