The ranking system of counter strike global offensive is the important part of the game. Its basic role is to recognize the level of the game. Then on the basis of its level, the skills along with the teammates and opposite time is then assigned at the same level to assist the players.

For those players who have just bought the CSGO accounts, ranking system for them is so annoying. You would not have any rank, when you just start playing CSGO online. When you have won certain number of matches then you will e assigned a rank based on your skills. It does not matter how well the other players are performing the game, you just need to spend some more time with game to increase your skills. This will improve your ranking to have more excitable experience with CSGO.

 Ranking system in CSGO

The ranking system of CSGO ranges from 1 to 40 and is used for the reward system for distributing the skin drops and service medals. Once you have start to play game and winning it, the concerned medal will change their color round about 40 times in annual ranking. For purpose of unbolting the competitive matches, there is condition of reaching at the second skill level of any game. By attaining the required level, the CSGO will allow you the best match mates.

Your pegboard never shows the matches you have won until it reaches the 10 games. You will be thrown in the mixed game where players from different level will play game with you and will start from the lower level until have reached a certain half of the skill level have been achieved.

If you are a new person in CSGO and using a brand-new account, you can only win two times per day unless you have achieved the tenth of level. As per criteria of winning two matches per day, you reach definitely qualify on the fifth day of playing game if you are meeting the criteria. You set of skills will appear in the tenth score after winning ten consecutive matches.

The silver Medal I is the lowest rank that you can achieve in CSGO when you are new in this game while global elite is the highest ranked that is saved for the best player of CSGO.

To attain the second private ranking, you must have enough casual gaming EXP.  The ranking system of CSGO does matters more on experience as compare to skills.

What is meant by CSGO prime?

Ranked games have a very unique quality that is to be prime. It will not only save you from robots but help you to avoid them. You can create a fresh account. If you have a prime account then you will become to play game with other csgo prime account players. It is not sure that you can never be encountered by the hackers and robots after having prime accounts but it will surely minimize the hacking rate. It can be helpful in ranking up faster and provides you an opportunity to play will csgo top players.

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However, the silver players have tried hard to reach gold nova 2 rank which seems like the entry level to disposition to them. This obsession of getting to the upper level of your skills will never end.

CSGO gold nova 2 accounts nosedive somewhere in the middle group of ranking. They are able to carry multiple kills and can hear sounds from the empty places but still are not good making strategies and following calls.

The experienced and skilled players consider these ranked players as freshmen. All of the above discussion, they at least have become able to secure themselves from unease of silver.

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