Cowboy and cowgirl looks are totally hot when we talk about casual and terrain looks. In completing your entire ensemble, a western themed buckle is a must. But there are numerous kinds of belt buckles in the market these days and some find it difficult to choose a piece. Many find it difficult to find the right piece since most of the buckles are beautiful. To help you out with your choices, here are some guidelines on choosing western belt buckles.

  1. Choose a versatile piece.

A versatile buckle is something that you can use with the standard size belt. Since, most of the belts sold in the market are about 1 inch to 1 ½ inches wide, it would be better to pick a buckle which can fit within that range.

  1. Consider the size.

The size of your buckle should correspond to your body type. If you are small framed individual, it is preferable to opt for smaller buckles. However, if your body structure allows you to have a wide belt buckle, you have the advantage of wearing any size.

  1. Get an adjustable buckle.

For a snug fit, it is better to pick out a Western Belt Buckles that can be adjusted such as the tang and clip buckles. Choosing and adjustable buckle reduces the risk of item returns which can be very inconvenient.

  1. Consider the durability.

You may think that durability refers to the materials used for the accessory. Western belt buckles may be made out of silver, pewter, gold, stainless, steel or copper. Though the durability and hardiness of accessories can be measured through the material but when it comes to buckles it is more on the craftsmanship. Your concern should be on the way the buckle pieces are put together and how it could secure the belt.

  1. Pick out a fashionable design.

Though women may be more partial to feminine designs such as flowers while men may be into gun belt buckles, but try to consider a design that, despite its gender specific theme, can be flexible–something that you can wear with many clothing options and with various colors. The vintage pieces are one of the most adaptable style, the collections such as the eagle belt buckle, are the perfect theme to start your western buckle collection.

If you want to look funky in jeans and checkered long sleeves, wearing a cowboy themed buckle is one way to do that.