New York Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment Sale

At Walk-in Coolers, we buy a quality used restaurant equipment and walk-in boxes for cash. All used New York commercial restaurant equipment that we provide comes in standard or custom sizes. Although we provide new commercial restaurant equipment for many restaurants in New York, there is a large variety of used commercial restaurant equipment that we keep in stock that we offer at low and discounted prices.

New restaurant owners face financial difficulties when starting a restaurant and thus sometimes prefer to purchase used commercial equipment. Even veteran restaurants often need spare parts or equipment and can afford you tons of choice of lightly used equipment. Here is a list of commercial restaurant equipment used in New York that we offer:

Refrigeration equipment

As we know very well, commercial refrigeration units are an important part of any restaurant or coffee shop. Commercial refrigeration consists of freezers and freezers designed with high cooling temperatures. We give our clients the option to build their own box of any size and shape, by purchasing custom large-sized boxes. We at Walk-in Coolers New York have good relationships and relationships with several manufacturing companies that supply us with new and used commercial restaurant equipment, pass the savings over to you.

We have a large variety of combo coolers, such as frozen yogurt machines, combo coolers and freezers. We also have several accessible used fridges that are used but are in excellent working condition and well maintained. You can choose from hundreds of accessible refrigerators that are also available in our store at discount prices. The commercial catering equipment used in New York that we provide are reliable and in good working order. We also have other used commercial restaurant refrigerators for sale like bar refrigeration and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Food preparation and cooking equipment

What is essential for any commercial restaurant is the proper food preparation equipment, without which the restaurant cannot function. Walk in coolers offer a large number of used kitchen gadgets but are in excellent condition. All of our food preparation equipment, from spoons to food processors and coffee makers, are available in standard or custom sizes.

As we know, food processing equipment is exposed to many contaminants. We sterilize and clean every piece of equipment before offering it for sale. We have metal and plastic food processing equipment which is made of strong raw materials so that it has a longer life.

The commercial restaurant equipment we have at our disposal belongs to one of the best food preparation equipment manufacturers in New York. We also have a wide range of all-purpose restaurant-grade ovens and dishwashers.

Furniture and decorations

The used furniture we offer is well maintained, comfortable, and available in standard or custom sizes. It is comfortable to sit in and is in line with the latest fashion trends available in the furniture markets. Our used decoration pieces consist of the best crystals and glass that can brighten up the ambiance of your restaurant.

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