Night therapy and online therapy are two different names for the same thing, namely internet therapy, that is, a therapy that takes place via the computer and the internet instead of a personal visit to a psychologist’s reception. Online therapy is becoming more and more common and modern research shows that online therapy with a Psychologist in many cases gives as good results as meeting his Psychologist personally in a so-called traditional conversation therapy.

Online therapy can be either individualized talk therapy or impersonal therapy with action manuals that the help applicant should follow. The action manuals are sometimes supplemented with a form to be completed and then sent to the Psychologists responsible for the night therapy.

The Internet psychologists then provide instructions on how the help-seeker will proceed. The impersonal online therapy is a form of self-help, but unlike self-help books, you have partial access to personal support by a psychologist online. Action manual-based therapy is suitable for different phobias and certain anxiety problems.

We at Psychology online have seen good results from individualized online therapy and therefore offer this form of therapy on the internet with success. At Psychologist, you can get therapy online using video calls, phone calls or chat calls via Skype.

People who start therapy want to change something in life. You may be suffering panic Disorder, eating disorders, anxiety disorders or you want to learn new ways to deal with stress. In most cases, therapy involves talking to a therapist or psychologist. You can also perform therapy on your own through, for example, Internet-based self-help programs.

Different types of therapy

KBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

All psychologists working are legitimate in KBT. KBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is a type of therapy that aims to change the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Within KBT, it is assumed that these three are united and by changing, for example, a behavior, one can change negative thoughts and feelings. Within KBT, it is common for you to perform tasks between visits.

PDT – Psychodynamic Therapy:

This form of therapy is aimed at giving the patient better self-insight and getting to know himself on a deeper level. Psychodynamic therapy is probably the form of therapy that the public envisions when they think about how it is possible to meet a psychologist and have their roots in Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis.

ACT – Acceptance and commitment therapy:

ACT is, according to many, a further developed variant of KBT. Within ACT, you work a lot with the approach you have to your thoughts and learn to accept feelings and thoughts that are unpleasant. You work a lot with something called defusion where the goal is to get rid of the unpleasant effects that negative thoughts bring. This can be done by, for example, identifying themselves with their thoughts.

DBT – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy:

DBT is a form of therapy that has been developed for people with self-harm behaviors. This is also a variant of KBT.

Benefits of online therapy:

Night therapy gives you / your quick treatment with a Psychologist instead of getting on a waiting list. Which is always important but maybe especially in the event of a temporary crisis.

Your choice of Psychologist is not limited to your geographical area and those who live in a small place where sufficient confidentiality is difficult to achieve have the opportunity to be anonymous anyway.

If you are already in therapy but are traveling away for a while, you can maintain treatment with Internet therapy.

With internet therapy, you/you get treatment in your home and you do not have to spend time traveling and looking for parking.

When is night therapy appropriate?

Online therapy in many cases has the same effect as when the therapy is performed at a psychologist’s reception. Online therapy is suitable for couples therapy and for those in need of therapy or psychological consultation and who do not have serious problems such as self-harm behavior, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, or physical abuse. In these cases, traditional psychotherapy at a reception is a better solution.

Internet therapy is a solution for those who are living in another country and who want conversation therapy or psychological consultation.

Online therapy enables regular therapeutic contact even for those who are often distant.

Night therapy is invaluable for those who find it difficult to get to a psychology clinic for a variety of reasons.

What kind of online therapy is right for me?

What kind of therapy is right for you depends largely on who you are and what kind of problem you want to work with. Another factor that determines the outcome of the therapy is the trust between you and your therapist