Noel (ノエル Noeru?) is the primary courageous woman of the Sora No Method arrangement. She is a baffling blue-haired young lady whom Nonoka Komiya initially met seven years back.

She is in the long run uncovered to be simply the saucer, which Nonoka and her companions had called down.
Noel (Sora no method) shows up as a long blue haired young lady with blue eyes. Noel wears a basic white and dark outfit alongside two dark strips on her hair and one huge one on her back

Noel is an idealistic young lady consistently regardless of the circumstance who truly cherishes everything. Ordinarily, in the event that she sets her psyche on anything she will run after it energetically.

Noel is additionally awkward as she breaks a couple of things and tumbling down arbitrarily in a couple of scenes.