Millimeter (subtle) facial imperfections in the face are equal to one mile in the soul! Small changes can provide a dramatic improvement in the shape of the face, so a rhinoplasty without surgery is a procedure that helps to regulate the lines of the nose by applying some procedures to patients, who do not want to make drastic changes to their noses, in this article we will address the most important methods of rhinoplasty Without surgery.


Who can do rhinoplasty without surgery

Rhinoplasty without surgery is an excellent and affordable option for patients, who want a more satisfactory result without undergoing surgical rhinoplasty. Visit one of the best skin clinic in Islamabad, IPAL.

  • Those who don’t want to make a drastic change to their noses.
  • Those who have nasal muscles are slightly oblique.
  • Those who suffer from nasal ptosis (drooping of the tip of the nose).
  • Those who want a straight nose.
  • Those who want to improve the profile of the nose.
  • Those who do not want to perform any nose surgeries.
  • Those who want a contoured (sculpted) nose.
  • Those who want to treat the problem of nasal breathing.
  • Those who want to experiment with nose shape; Before a surgical rhinoplasty.
  • Filler rhinoplasty with Hyaluronic Acid injection technology:

Fortunately, innovative and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures are now available, which creates amazing results without the need for rhinoplasty, and rhinoplasty without surgery is a medical procedure in which injectable fillers are used to improve the shape and contour of the nose, such as fillers consisting of Hyaluronic acid acid) or collagen stimulants (Hydroxyapatite) and (Poly lactic), each of them has its own characteristics and advantages for changing and reshaping the nose without surgery.

It can also be used to correct deformities, by carefully injecting filler material under the skin on the protrusion of the nose to appear straight and more sculpted, and injecting it around the edges of the nose to make it thinner and more defined.

Botox can also be injected into the muscle that pulls the nose down (causing the nose tip to droop), and injections with fillers or botox can be combined with the technique of lifting the nose with thread (Hiko) also to get better results, the filler injection technique is done within several minutes and does not need Anesthesia, but not permanent. The patient needs two or three years to repeat the injection.

Laser rhinoplasty:

The laser technique in rhinoplasty is considered an alternative method to the use of regular surgical tools in rhinoplasty operations.

Laser rhinoplasty is a simple procedure, it is possible to determine which operation should be applied to the nose after the medical examination. In this procedure, heat from the laser beams is directed to the nose, and the skin of the nose is confined by the laser, where the excessive skin tissue on the surface of the nose is reduced, and the activity of the fat glands in the nose, which leads to the enlargement of the nose and its uneven shape (not sculpted). .

Laser technology can also be used to remove polyps (growths) that cause shortness of breath in the nose, but it is possible that polyps will grow back after laser removal.

As a result, laser rhinoplasty is the most aesthetic procedure, however it is not suitable for everyone. If you have a large and curved nose, you need to undergo rhinoplasty via surgery, this procedure (laser) is not suitable for you.

Thread embellishment:

Thread rhinoplasty gives more clarity and height, improves the shape of the nose, helps improve the general appearance of the face, eliminates curvature, and makes the nose straight, sculpted and cute.

And rhinoplasty with strings is one of the methods used to improve the shape of the nose without resorting to surgery, we mention that the nasal sutures (Hiko) are made of (PDO-polydioxanone), materials that last from one to two years, or the acid polycaprolactone (PCL) – which lasts from Three to five years, it is the same material commonly used in medical sutures used in surgical procedures, this procedure was developed in the South Korean capital Seoul 15 years ago, but it has become popular all over the world in recent years.

The technique of rhinoplasty by threading is done by inserting a piece of thread through the tip of the nose to raise it and refine the bridge of the nose, so that the thread is usually used on the bridge of the nose if it needs to be lifted or lowered (not to beautify the size) by lifting the thread, and a thinner and more specific bridge can be obtained in Less than 15 minutes, as well as stimulating collagen production through the effect of tightening the skin with strings, so that the results appear after the swelling has subsided within a few days or a week, and the result lasts from one to two years, with the effect of new collagen remaining after that for a long time.

Thread rhinoplasty is suitable for people who have applied fillers before and are not satisfied with the result, as the percentage of satisfaction with Hiko is about 90-95%, as for the nose that is crooked a lot; Rhinoplasty is recommended.

Rhinoplasty with exercises:

The shape of the nose is very important, being the focal point of our face … It immediately attracts people’s attention, so there are many ways to make it perfect, in addition to performing both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, you can do these easy exercises regularly to get the perfect nose shape:

Reshape the nose: press the lower part of the sides of the nose with the index finger looking up, and breathe hard, repeat this process to get better results.
Shortening the nose: These simple exercises will not only help shape the nose so that it appears shorter, but it will also prevent cartilage growth with age. Place the index finger on the tips of the nose and press it gently from the bottom up.
Nose straightening exercise: All you have to do is smile, then use your finger to push your nose to the top. This will help build the muscles on both sides of your nose. Do this exercise from for 30 minutes daily.