When you are applying for the US visa, it is important to know the criteria to apply for the US visa. US visa could be applied under so many categories. Having a basic understanding of the US visa application process will certainly help you get through the process successfully. Therefore, even if you are making use of the services of an experienced immigration law firm such as the Manchanda Law Office in New York, you should try to have the entire blue print of the visa application process.

US visa applications are approved or denied for a number of reasons. When you are applying for your visa, your immigration attorney in New York will first check your documents and your eligibility based on these factors. A reputed immigration attorney and an honest law office would tell you right at the start whether or not your application would get through. It is therefore important to find a credible law office so that you are not wasting your money on hiring an immigration attorney to apply for the US visa, which is anyhow going to be rejected.

One of the main factors the immigration officials would consider is the financial stability. They do not want to approve visas to people that are likely to become a burden to the country. In order to prove your financial stability, all the supporting documents have to be furnished. Your immigration attorney would give you the list of documents that you need to provide to establish your financial stability.

Valid passport is an important document that you must submit along with the immigration application. When you are applying you should have a minimum of six months on your passport. If your passport’s validity is less than 6 months then you need to wait until the passport is renewed or plan well in advance to apply for the visa.

Incomplete application and insufficient document proofs is another reason why your US immigrant visa could be denied. It is therefore important to check several times whether you have furnished all the required documents. If you hire an immigration lawyer to take care of the paperwork, then you can rest assured knowing that everything would be in place. An experienced immigration lawyer in New York will know all the documentation requirements and all the steps in the visa process. They will make sure that all the papers are correctly submitted and the application is filled correctly. Most importantly, your visa application category will also be selected correctly by your immigration lawyer.

The immigration department does not really require you to hire any immigration lawyer but hiring one will certainly increase your chances of success with the application process. You should know that your visa would be approved only when you are eligible and just by hiring an immigration lawyer. Even when you are eligible if your paperwork is not right, your application could be rejected and it is to minimize such risks you are required to hire an immigration attorney.

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