There are many challenges you face with relocation and one of them is to ensure your favorite delicate and old items reach safely to your new destination. Assuming, you are on the idea to shift from one Indian State (Pune) to another (Hyderabad), it is a long-distance move. You may have taken time, made many calls, and finally got the best Packers and Movers Pune to Hyderabad team for the shift. But does that solve your woes? A bit. This article gives tips on how to pay attention before shifting your old and delicate goods. Also given are pointers to safeguard them and get them safely to your Hyderabad home.

You need to first make a list of the delicate items that you can carry in our car. The items can be decoration plates, perfume bottles, or souvenir cups. These items can get easily accommodated in your suitcase. Check if some items can get included in clothes such as jeans and cotton jackets. The clothes can help withstand the pressure during transportation. 

When the Packers and Movers Pune to Visakhapatnam supervisor visits your home for a survey, ask him to supply nice boxes beforehand to pack the fragile items. You can use blankets, rugs to wrap the wine or perfume bottles. Then, you can load the boxes in your car. They will not get damaged in any situation. Ensure, you do not overpack the boxes or suitcases.


If the number of glassware is more, then monitor the packing on the D-day. If the Household Shifting team is from, then they know the essential methods to pack the delicate items and complete the process. For your information, you can check if the packers make use of paper, clothes to wrap the glassware, then load them into strong boxes, etc. Check if these boxes are labeled “Fragile” on all sides. These small tips will ensure the old and delicate goods reach your destination in safe mode.