Special occasions could make you a tad bit nervous and excited at the same time, especially when you are a brand-newmom, andyou still haven’t gotten over with showing off your precious bundle. Picking out an outfit can make you fret a little, especially because there’s quite a few things you need to think about to ensure it’s just right.

The Perfect Size

When you walk into a baby shop and take a look at all the different ranges of clothing for little bubs of all ages, it definitely could make you go berserk with excitement, so much that you might even forget about the most important aspects criteria that you should keep in mind when  you decide on a particular outfit for your bub. Looking for the perfect size is essential, and is something that many moms could go wrong with despite having shopped a hundred times.

Babies are so tiny that it definitely could be a little tricky getting the sizes right, and it certainly isn’t your fault. You might want to take your little one along or at least one of her perfectly fitting outfits so you’re unlikely to mess up this time shopping. The wrong size may not only affect the way the outfit looks on your bub, but may also make her feel uneasy and irritated.


As mentioned before, there could be a massive range of colours with shades and prints that may look irresistible while you are out there on the lookout for the perfect outfit. However, as a mom, you may have figured out that there are certain colours that somehow suit your little one better than the others. Some moms would even admit that a certain colour looks dull, even unappealing on their bubs.

Even though there may not be an actual reason for this, it still can be true that yellow looks adorable on your bub than pink or blue. Therefore, when you are looking for the perfect outfit, make sure you don’t get carried away by the massive range of colours straight away. Instead, think about what suits your little one best, and keep it in mind as you raid the store!

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Designs & Style

When it comes to design and style, it certainly does not get easier for moms to make a decision. Believe it or not but they could actually be the largest range in the baby section! It is just so amazing that style and fashion has actually become quite a thing in the baby clothing industry.

It isn’t limited to or meant for a specific gender anymore – there are super stylish clothing for both girls and boys in equally large ranges and the baby stores just couldn’t get any cuter with these stuff on display! However, once again, you’d want to think about the specific occasion and pick out a style that is suitable because that’s an important criterion too.

It definitely is so much fun and exciting dressing up your bub to make her look twice as adorable than she already is! However, when you are out shopping for baby outfits, make sure you keep in mind the essential.