Every organisation has one vision, and they work towards achieving it. They reach the same by developing strategies & handling its execution, and the human resource team does all this. The HR team can accomplish this with the help of HR tools like benefits administration, performance management software and much more.

The team has to design and plan every process in the organisation, these processes include:

Designing each and every process needs to be efficient, and each of these processes are dependent upon each other. And no one strategy is the same for every organisation, for example, Infosys will have a different performance management system as compared to a company like Amazon.

Let’s have a look at each of these processes individually:

Human Resource Planning:

It’s a process where people forecasting takes place. It includes processes like recruitment of the employees, selecting the right candidate for the respective position, Hiring the right employee into the organisation, carrying out training and induction. You might think that’s all human resource planning includes right? But there are a few more processes that are included in this, like evaluation, promotion and layoff. 

Employee Benefits Administration:

This process takes place, so the human resource management team gets to decide the salaries and wages of each employee. Incentives and other benefits that an employee is supposed to receive are also decided in this process. Money is the prime motivator for any sort of work, which is why it is vital to carry out this process. The employees who perform better expect raises with better salaries and incentives.

Performance and Talent Management:

This process is meant for the organisation to train the employees, motivate and give rewards to the employees. It also helps in ensuring whether the organisation goals are being fulfilled or not. The process not only includes employees but is also eligible for teams and departments, products, services or customer processes. 

At the moment, there are automated performance management software that can help the human resource team to automate these processes so they can quickly help evaluate the performance of the employee and provide adequate training to them.

There are software available for the human resource team that can help them evaluate the employee performance and nurture them towards leadership. Using software like this, the HR team can train and develop the most talented and superior employees in their organisation. 

Employee Relations:

Employee retention is one of the most critical aspects of an organisation, keeping them in the organisation becomes harder if your industry is in a competitive market. Though multiple factors might motivate an employee to stay in an organisation that no one can predict, some of them are under the organisation’s control.

Some of the things present in employee relations:

  • Labor Law and Relations 
  • Working Environment
  • Employee health and safety
  • Employee- Employee conflict management
  • Employee- Employee Conflict Management
  • Quality of Work Life
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee Wellness and assistance programs
  • Counselling for occupational stress.

All of these factors are essential when it comes to employee retention, other than those; money is a factor that derives employees.

Each one of these processes are an integral part of the survival and success of the HR department in an organisation, and none of the processes can work without the other. All processes need to have a high level of uniformity.

Human resources are one of the key things in an organisation. If handled with a good strategy, it can be effortless to manage, if not, it can become challenging. Human resource management is responsible for designing and implementing policies and programs efficiently. If they can develop and maintain the knowledge, creativity and talent of employees, they can be used to their maximum capacity.

Human resource management not only manages the human intellect, but it can also focus on managing the emotional and physical assets of employees. If you consider the complexity present in human resource management, the scope increases every passing day. HRM needs to be integrated with the overall strategy to ensure the effective use of people and provide better returns to the organisations in terms of ROI for every penny on them.