Many taxi brands have established themselves in the industry in a short time. The major reason behind the quick and effective success is the online app they have built for their business. It plays a highly essential role in helping you to connect with users, and build a strong foundation for your business, provided the app is easy to use, simplified, and error-free. Users are now opting for online taxi services over the traditional method of booking a taxi. Since the former is a less time-consuming and efficient process. These are highly reliable services that have several user, driver, and business owner benefits. So, if you are a business person with plans to launch a taxi service in the market, purchase an Uber clone script, the most cost-efficient app solution and customize it in accordance with your business needs. 

How will the Uber Like App benefit your business?

The online taxi app has a number of advantages that will help in establishing and developing your business to greater heights:

Quickly connect passengers with drivers:

With a few taps, riders can place a request for a taxi service, and they will be connected with drivers in a few minutes. It is a platform that customers can rely on for their transportation needs. Another added advantage is that if a driver is not available, the user request will be forwarded to the next nearby driver. 

For customer convenience, the contact details and live location of users and drivers will be accessible to one another. This will help them interact in case of any queries. With the help of the live location, drivers will find it easy to reach users’ location within the estimated time. The shortest and most congestion-free route will be suggested by the Map, and drivers can go with that route or choose an alternative route if required. 

Completely automated process:

The online taxi service is completely automated, and hence it will be error-free, unlike the traditional taxi booking system. Right from specifying the pick-up and drop points till rating drivers after availing the service is automated. This way, users will find it easy to operate the app and will lean towards it when in need of transportation. 

An added advantage is that, with an online app, storing tons of data in documents can be avoided. All the ride-related details will be stored in the app, and it can be viewed easily when required. Searching for a record or detail will not be difficult anymore. 

Your app will be a marketing tool:

The online app you build for your business will be one of the most productive tools that will help in marketing your brand. Make sure that the app is attractive and easy to use. These two factors will effectively help in marketing your brand. Existing users will refer this app to their friends and family, and in turn, it will help you gain a large customer base. 

Multiple revenue streams:

With an app for your business, you will possess several revenue sources that include: commissions for each ride, distance and surge fee, advertising, operational cost, and more. All these sources will help you generate revenue on a regular basis. 

Considering all these advantages, it is evident that building a feature-rich taxi app will help you develop your business in a short span of time. To build an efficient app, you have to hire the best developers in town and make sure they develop a technologically advanced app. 

Prime features of the distinctive panels in an Uber like app:

taxi app clone

The taxi app has three different panels with respective features and simple workflow. In this section, we can get an overview of all the essential attributes to be present in the app:

Quick onboarding: 

Signing up with the app is very easy. Users can make use of their phone numbers or email IDs to register with the app. Login using various social media handles is also available.  

Live location tracking:

Customers can track the live location of drivers via the online app. They will also have access to contact details such as names and phone numbers of drivers. 

Scheduled booking:

Passengers can also schedule their rides by specifying the correct date, time, and location. They will be reminded about the scheduled ride via push notifications or messages. 

Booking cancelation:

Customers can cancel their rides based on the cancelation policy. A cancelation fee will be incurred if required. 

Ride types:

From several types of rides, passengers can choose a ride of their choice and place a request. 

Hassle-free payment modes:

With the help of the secure payment gateways available in the app, passengers can pay for the rides they have availed. 

Favorites list:

Passengers can add their favorite drivers to a list and opt for them the next time they want to avail of a ride. 

Availability toggle:

Drivers can indicate their availability status with the help of the availability slide bar available in the app. 

Earnings monitor:

With this feature, drivers can monitor their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings effectively. 

Preferred languages:

All users can choose the language of their choice during the time of registration or at a later stage by navigating to settings. 

Street view mode:

With the help of the street view mode, drivers can navigate easily through the app while driving. 

Accept/reject requests:

Drivers can accept or reject user requests based on a few predefined parameters. 

God’s eye view:

With the help of this feature, the admin can get access to all data and manage the process efficiently. 

Managing fares:

The admin can set the basic fare, operational fare, and surge fares when there is a high demand for the service. 

Wrapping up:

Develop an app that includes the above-mentioned features to become an instant hit in the market. Get in touch with the most suitable app development company to launch a customized Uber clone app for your taxi business.