Blepharoplasty in Boston has been tremendously popular in the past few years. Yes, it is a complex word, but it holds a straightforward meaning. It is a surgical procedure that is generally performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon to redefine the irregularities or defects of the eyelids. In simple words, it improves the overall appearance of the eyelids. The suitable candidates for this procedure are the ones who have droopy or puffy eyelids. If you are planning to get eyelid surgery done, then it is imperative to know about the pre and post-care instructions that are generally shared by the doctors.

Also, here we have put together a few tips that can bring a speedy recovery.

Prepare yourself 

Most of the patients get back to their routine within two or three weeks after the surgical procedure. A pretty good way to spend your time to heal quickly begins with covering your primary responsibilities ahead of time. Stock the foods and beverages so that it doesn’t become a headache for you, and later on, your focus lies in taking proper rest.

Follow the shared instructions

It is always best to ask or talk with the plastic surgeon to learn more and more about the self-care that is essential after the Blepharoplasty process. So that you can have everything in hand when you get discharged. Some of the basic instructions that experts share are to use a cold compress to reduce swelling, ointment to keep them lubricated enough, and putting eye drops to eliminate the dryness. 

Sun protection is vital

There’s no chance of getting around as it is very much essential to keep your eyelids protected from sun exposure and blazing winds. Expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Waleed Ezzat, recommends following this routine for a time frame of a week. Otherwise, you will end up having dry eyes, and that is something that might slow your recovery.

Avoid smoking

The least considered but one of the most prominent is to keep smoking at bay during the recovery period. Now why it is that crucial because it slows down the healing process. Also, it increases the chances of having an eye infection, which can be severe. So avoid smoking for more than four weeks before surgery. Well, this is what even the certified surgeons suggest every patient who opts for Blepharoplasty in Boston.

Skip laborious activities 

During the first two to three weeks after your eyelid surgery, there’s nothing better than avoiding workouts or activities that increase the blood circulation to the eyes. In simple words, don’t go for jogging, stretching, aerobics, or any intensive exercise activity.

Just relax! 

One of the best ways to speed up the recovery timeline is to avoid stress. You can skip phone calls or emails. Besides this, you should spend your time in some stimulating activities that don’t even stress your eyes. Listening to audiobooks is a great idea, though! Rest, whatever makes you relax, go for that.

Pay attention to the incisions 

There’s no doubt that you won’t look good for a while. Your eyelids can be puffy, swelling can be there, or the incisions will turn red, or either there can be bruising that may seem black. Indeed, that is going to be a hard time, but don’t let those things affect your recovery timeline. Because these symptoms will fade away in almost two weeks. After that, you will start observing positive results and how the eyelid surgery made a difference to your look.

And that might be the moment you will be on top of the world. Make sure to choose a board-certified surgeon who is accredited by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.