In Vedic astrology, predictions are made about the life of a person by analyzing their horoscope. The horoscope has 12 parts called Houses. Each house represents an aspect of life like education, health, love, career, finances, etc. Each ‘House’ is ruled by a planetary Lord and is occupied by one or more planets that influence the person’s life.

For example, the 7th house determines the kind of relationships a person has, whether it is marriage, friendships, or business partnerships. The planet occupying the 7th house influences the way the person interacts with others.
Rahu is regarded as an inauspicious planet in Vedic astrology. It causes fear, confusion, and dissatisfaction in a person’s life. So, if it occupies the 7th house in a person’s horoscope, it will cause problems in the person’s relationships and marital life. Every planet is affected by its influence, as it is very strong.

Rahu has a different effect on every planet. But Rahu does not have a malefic effect on every house. There are some houses on which Rahu has a benefic effect also.

The Effects Of Rahu On Each House:
*1st House: It causes fights with the spouse.
*2nd House: It gives a normal married life.
*3rd House: Causes problems in life.
*4th House: The native’s wife will find it hard to conceive.
*5th House: The native’s wife may have a difficult pregnancy and other health issues.
*6th House: It does not have much effect.
*7th House: It indicates an early marriage for the native.
*8th House: It causes disputes among family members.
*9th House: It causes physical and mental problems.
*10th House: It will cause health issues for the native’s mother.
*11th House: It has a negative impact on the relationship with the father.
*12th House It causes mental stress and discomfort.

Rahu’s Influence on the 7th House

Rahu causes mischief and fear. In the 7th house, Rahu indicates that the native might lack courage and confidence. This can affect their performance at work, and thereby cost them their reputation at their workplace.
The 7th house is associated with relationships. Rahu Kalam in this house will affect the person’s relationship with those around them. They may have angry outbursts with their spouse as well as other members of the family.
The 7th house also indicates professional relationships. Hence, the person may face problems with their business partners or colleagues and bosses.

Remedies To Remove the Malefic Effects Of Rahu

*If you keep birds in a cage at home, set them free immediately.
*Give food to the stray dogs in your locality.
*Have a bath by mixing one cup of milk in the water for 43 days. This will remove the ill effects of Rahu.
*Gift your spouse objects made of copper.