We can take it for granted, but even a relatively easy task, such as using the toilet or getting out of a recliner chair, may be challenging for those with reduced mobility or endurance, such as someone struggling or healing from an operation from osteoarthritis. But choosing the right elevated toilet seat will transform the dreaded job into something you don’t even care twice about, or your loved one. With this one easy and budget-friendly, contraption, you’ll be shocked at how much everyday life can change! 

A raised toilet seat is like a normal toilet seat but much taller, allowing the user to sit down as low as they can on a typical toilet without squatting. To further assist the customer, they should come with sticks, making the entire process even less awkward. There is additional stability for better and faster lifting when fitted with arms or legs. You can find an elevated toilet seat especially useful if you have elderly relatives.

If you’re concerned about a raised toilet seat being installed, don’t be. It is always as easy as raising the existing seat and cover of the toilet, then pushing down on the toilet bowl the new lifted toilet seat until it is safely in place. Each toilet seat, though, comes with its own set of instructions, so be sure to read them to make sure you have correctly mounted the seat.

1)Best Raised Toilet Seat for Seniors With Arthritis

The Yunga Tart lifts the height of the toilet seat by almost five inches and has smooth sides, making it convenient to clean and extremely simple to build. When the seat lid cover is lifted to an elevated position, it rests squarely on the toilet rim and the normal seat. Users can feel sturdy and safe with the four non-slip pads on the rim. Plus, for extra comfort and stability, it has a wide surface. It is durable and lightweight, making it convenient and easy to carry, and it is durable enough to support up to 275 pounds for this American-made elevated toilet seat.

Moxie, a satisfied customer, says, “Besides being reasonably priced, my potty breaks are made much simpler by this raised toilet seat.” Due to OA [osteoarthritis], I have mild to extreme pain in my hips. One of the most complicated tasks I need to do many times every day is the task of sitting and rising. It is now practically painless or, at least, tolerable to sit on and to rise from the toilet. If I had known how much help this assistive apparatus would give me, I would have purchased it months earlier.

2)Best Carex Raised Toilet Seat Riser

The hinged toilet seat riser from Carex adds three-and-a-half inches to your toilet height and can accommodate up to 300 pounds. Many standard elongated toilets also suit it, and you can clean it just as you would a normal toilet seat. 

This review was written by Karen, a pleased client: “My mom needed a raised toilet seat, but she was hesitant as she believes that flushing with the lid up is unsanitary.” She also uses the lid-closed toilet as a bench after swimming in a bathroom that is too cramped for a separate chair. This item uses its own toilet seat and top lid, so sitting on it is sanitary, convenient, and it looks natural.

3)Vaunn Amazon Raised Toilet Seat

This secure elevated toilet seat medical clamp-on is made of high-quality, robust polyethylene plastic and can accommodate up to 300 pounds comfortably. For optimum stability, it lifts the toilet seat by four inches and is sleek and contoured in a manner that guarantees balanced weight distribution. 

To mount it to the toilet, just clamp it on, no tool required. Only loosen the clamps as you want to cut it, and pick it up. We love that it’s hygienic, easy to disinfect, and comes with a cap for improved grooming and aesthetics.

4)Vaunn Best Raised Toilet Seat for Hip Replacement

“One of the many positive reviews for the removable handles and locking mechanism of the Vaunn medical elevated toilet seat and commode rise, reads, “The Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat with Handles is high quality and easy to mount. When she changes her position, my mother becomes light-headed, and using the Vaunn helps her to use the toilet without such a dramatic change in position. At a time when she is very terrified by her unexpected vulnerability, she is able to feel safer. That makes this commodity priceless! ” 

For those who have undergone hip replacement surgery, this toilet seat riser is particularly useful. Chuck says, ‘This is awesome. I had one of these hip replacements and I bought one, and it was a dream come true. To help you lift yourself off the seat, the handles are just perfect; you will love it. It takes less than a minute to put on and even the new, longer toilet seats fit well.

5)Raised Toilet Seat for Elderly

The SP Ableware Tall-Ette is a raised toilet seat with knees, extra-wide seating for additional comfort and extra support with foam armrests. One Amazon reviewer who had knee surgery completely loves this purchase, saying, “Of all the items I bought before the surgery, this was, by far, THE BEST INVESTMENT I made… I give this a STRONG 5 stars in preparation for the surgery.” I hope that this analysis benefits those who waver.