The pandemic has a lot of us stressed and spiralling over worries concerning our health as well as our family’s health. The fear of this new virus with variable statistics has rendered most of us helpless and anxious.

No matter where you are at, the chances of contracting the virus is never next to zero. Precautionary measures must be practiced carefully, no matter if you’re around family or friends or even neighbours; check out How can housing societies stay safe during COVID -19 to find ways to stay safe if you’re living in a housing society, whether it is a apartments for sale in Gunjur off Sarjapur or a DSR Sunrise.

Like how every cloud has a silver lining, the quarantine also has its upside. It poses a perfect time to explore your hobbies and interests. You can come up with your own strategies to keep yourself occupied and make the most of this lockdown.
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Stated below are some of the few activities you can take part around the house to feel at ease. They may not be within your field of interests, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try!

Things you can do at home to keep your mind from spiralling into dark places:


Reading is a great form of therapy, also known as bibliotherapy. Different people have different methods to escape the harsh reality, reading could be yours. It reinforces your thoughts and helps you look at things from different perspectives. It opens a lot of opportunities. It does not matter what you’re reading as long you’re having fun.


The joy of growing a living, thriving being that you care and love for is unexplainable. If looking after pets is not your thing, gardening will almost serve as an alternative. Studies have shown that gardening significantly reduces stress. It might start getting lonely staying home day in and out, but fret not, your leafy friends will keep you company.

Contrary to popular belief plants are sometimes hard to manage, but you could always pick up a book on how to grow plants! It does not matter if you live in an apartment for sale in Horamavu road Bangalore, or a apartments in whitefield near itpl, it is always a great idea to grow cute little plants or even big gaudy creepers!


It’s something that can be extremely stressful but the most fun activity if you know what you are doing. It does require a lot of patience, but the silver lining in the dark cloud has granted us the time to learn it through trial and error. You can achieve a sense of self-accomplishment by cooking for yourself and your family. A perfect way to ease your worries by cooking safe, healthy food at home.

Cooking, gardening, and reading might seem like outdated advice for modern times, but it does help to steer away from the downsides of the fast-paced world. Consuming social media content for days on end can feel exhausting and monotonous. It could help to cut off your online presence for some quality time in the sun.

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Reinstating Mental Health During Quarantine