best spas in toronto

Spa… This word sounds mysterious and alluring. On whispering it one can feel the tender sea breeze on the face and hear the lash of the waves. But what is the SPA, indeed? I

n its contemporary meaning a SPA is a place where with the help of various sophisticated treatments based on the healing properties of mineral waters, thermal springs, mineral salts, therapeutic muds, and seaweeds as well as different types of massage, body wraps, masks, scrubs, and so on you can relax and restore your physical and mental health.


Today’s SPA doesn’t suppose you have to go somewhere out of the city and spend a couple of weeks in meditation moving from one mud bath to another and eating only healthy SPA meals.

These are called resort SPAs and are usually situated in various exotic places good for spending a vacation. Taking into consideration that most people don’t have that much time to spend on their beauty, there are plenty of other options to enjoy a serene and quiet atmosphere after an exhausting working day.


There are numerous day SPAs that offer their clients a wide range of services, where you can drop in at any time and immediately immerse into the relaxing world of soothing aromas and herbal teas. A spa in Toronto, you can experience such a relaxing procedure of massage, different body treatments and facials.

You may try various types of massage (hot stone massage, Thai massage, etc.) to find the one that you like most. During a facial performed by a trained specialist, your skin will be deeply cleaned and rejuvenated.

MyParlr will offer you SPA manicures and SPA pedicures, which are slightly different from those you can have at an average nail place. These SPA procedures usually involve additional steps like a hand soak or paraffin dip.