I like to think of myself as a quasi house flipper. Not because I flip houses for a living, but because I work closely with house flippers to help them make the most of their flips. I am always having to stay on top of the new trends and let our investors and flippers know, is this something that works for your flip?

I also love to live on the cheap! How can I test out new house flipper trends and know this is a trend flippers need to jump on without dumping lots of time and money into my home?  I have always lived in homes in need of some TLC, which are perfect for a refresh and update! I have done big and small remodels, and talked closely with house flippers to make sure that the updates we made were winners.

If you are looking to update a bathroom, without breaking the bank these are some 3 easy and cheap ways to remodel your home.

Paint Everything

Painting is a great way to refresh any room. Not only do you have unlimited colors at your disposal, but you can repaint any surface for a cleaner, or more updated look.

Before we get into all the things you can repaint in your bathroom, let’s talk about paint colors that work best for a bathroom. Light gray is a hit amongst house flippers, but here is why. Gray is a perfect neutral cool tone that matches almost any bathroom.

While most showers, toilets, and sinks are white it can be monotonous to have white walls. Most bathrooms don’t have huge windows to let in natural light as well, so darker colors aren’t always the best option, as they will make the room seem even smaller! Gray is a great modern color that matches well with cupboards, and other features, and can give some great contrast to smaller or darker rooms.

Gray is a great color for the bathroom, but if you are looking for something a bit more colorful, these colors also accent a bathroom well:

  • Light Blues
  • Dark Navy Blue
  • Mint Greens
  • Other Cool Tone Pastels

Private money lenders suggest cool tones for a bathroom. Cool tones are always a safe choice for the bathroom, but depending on the size and light in your bathroom, any new color is a great way to make your bathroom stick out!

If you like the current color of your bathroom and are looking for a change, consider repainting trims, cabinets, and the cupboards in your bathroom. A fresh coat of white paint helps give a breath of fresh air to your room.

Looking to go the extra mile in your bathroom? Take note of the latest trends and consider adding some half wall wood paneling! This is a great way to incorporate some bolder colors into your bathroom, and is easy to install!

Repainting a bathroom only takes a few hours at most but it is a cheap and artistic way to remodel your bathroom on a budget.

Update Your Lights

If you are looking to add some glam to a bathroom one of the fastest ways is to add more light to your bathroom. Dark bathrooms look tired and weary, so updating your bathroom with more light is a great way to make it feel refreshed.

To add more lights to your bathroom you can:

  • Switch to daylight bulbs
  • Add more lights to your Vanity
  • Add A Window, or let more light in from your window

Light is a crucial aspect to any room, and updating the light in any bathroom, can make a huge difference in your bathroom!

An easy way to make a difference in your bathroom is to switch all your lights to daylight bulbs. Daylight bulbs are a crisp white light, perfect for illuminating any room! Updating your light fixtures, or adding a light bar over a vanity can make any bathroom feel glamorous. You can even easily add a dimmer to your bathroom if you want to add a romantic feel for a bath!

A bigger update you can make is either to replace or add a window to your bathroom. If your window is faded it will make your bathroom look dingy. Adding a window,  while not a cheap, or easy update, adding natural light will transform your bathroom!


Depending on the size of your bathroom, you might want to go for a smaller shower window or even a porthole window! These are great ways to include natural light in your space that will take your bathroom from drab to delightful.

Frame Your Mirror and Update Your Hardware

Want to make an overnight difference in your bathroom? Frame or reframe your bathroom mirror. Lots of homes have large bathroom mirrors, but the edges are often cracked or chipped. By adding a simple frame (white is my favorite) you easily transform your bathroom from dated to chic. This modern trick not only makes your mirror look amazing but only costs a few dollars to complete. With a few strokes of paint, some nails, and some caulk, your bathroom mirror will be completely transformed.

Do all your door handles match? Are all your knobs and cabinets the same or mismatched? If you are guilty of mismatching hardware, a simple replacement so that all your cabinets match (tied with a fresh coat of paint) will pull your bathroom together and make it look more uniform!

These fast fixes only cost pennies, and are simple to do in under an hour!


Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. With a plan, and a bit of hard work you can completely transform your bathrooms. If you are looking for a trendsetter bathroom, or want to make your bathroom more functional, these remodel tips are great for remodeling your bathroom.


    1. Paint Everything: Walls, trim, cabinets and vanities. Whether you are looking for something a bit bolder like a navy blue or just looking for something to tie your room together, repainting your bathroom is a great and easy way to remodel your bathroom.
    2. Update Your Lights: Use Daylight bulbs to brighten your space or look at updating your window! Mixing bright light with more natural light is a great way to make your space


  • Frame Your Mirror and Update Your Hardware: Adding a quick frame, and updating your hardware is a great and easy way to pull your bathroom together!