Removalists, as the name suggests, are professional companies that help the owners move from one place to another using trucks for shipping. They provide a trailer and truck for rental to help us move. We can use removalists to load and unload belongings from one house to another. If homeowners plan to do it themselves, they provide training to them. Here is a deeper dive into what they do. 


The removalists will first assess the property first hand. Assessment is a major step in determining the number of factors like size, fragile materials, etc. They will work on what should be packed together and how to make the best of the space available for packing. They use carton boxes for a specific use, bubble wrap, and custom packing along with blanket wrap for ensuring that the belongings are taken care of. 


Removalists in Maroochydore and professional packers do very careful packing. Special packing is done to prevent damage to your valuable items. Once you get the quote from the removals company, you can go ahead and start packing. Polished surfaces are packed separately in a different box with a moving blanket. Polished surfaces are appropriately packed, so there is no risk of it rubbing with other objects. Fragile items also are covered up in newspapers and kept safely in different rigid boxes. All the soft materials can be packed together in suitcases and boxes. 


Moving your furniture and other old stuff out of the house can be risky—especially old items. Removalists make sure that these items are dismantled safely and moved out through narrow entrances. It all depends on the quality of work done by the removalists. Hire experienced and reputed ones to get this done. Doing it by yourself can sometimes lead to breaking or scratching of valuable things unexpectedly. 

The services that an ordinary removalist provide are :

1.Packing and Unpacking of furniture

If you don’t know your way around dismantling and reassembling furniture, you might have to consult these professionals. They are trained to handle fragile and valuable furniture and other materials. Removalists will ensure that your belongings are taken good care of.


Moving mostly includes loading and unloading your things from the old space to the new space. Different companies have different packages in this situation. They will have options like only packing, or packing and moving, or sometimes even just training how to pack.

3.Vehicle transportation &  Pet transportation

Vehicle transportation of your belongings to the new place will be done by the removalists. They own several trucks and trailers for this purpose. They also take care of moving their homes and things safely to the new space.

4. Unpacking

Unpacking is another service provided by removalists. They make sure all your belongings are unloaded and placed in areas where there is no risk of damage.