We’ve always heard the age-old phrase “home is where the heart is” but, it’s time to change it a little – “Home is where the heart and brain is”. This should not come as a surprise by looking at the current real estate scenario and how it is joining hands with the ever-evolving technology. People nowadays just do not want a cosy little home; they want smart homes that think about them as well.

Though the inception of smart home automation happened with keeping majorly security in mind. But the area has expanded, and now smart home solutions cater to needs like lighting, fire detection, energy management and the list goes on.

Why Have a Smart Home?

There are umpteen reasons for one to invest in a smart home. To begin with, you have the latest technology at your disposal. Here are some significant reasons to ensure that investing in smart homes is always the best decision.

One stop management

You can manage all your home devices from a single point and do not have to run for ten different remote controls.

Always room for more

You will always be coming up with devices with newer technology and would want it to work as per your wish. Having smart home solutions will let you install new devices easily and will give you the flexibility to work with them smoothly.

Enhanced home security

Your home security can skyrocket when you incorporate surveillance and security features in your smart home solutions. You can also opt for receiving security alerts on multiple devices and even monitor suspicious activities in real time.


Remote control

This literally means that you can run your house even when you are not even there. Forgot to turn off the lights before leaving? No problem! Just click a button and it’s done!

These are just a couple of benefits of having smart home solutions. Just imagine what you would do if you dug deep and unearthed the numerous other benefits.

Are you already eager to invest in smart home solutions? Great, there are multiple companies that offer you such services but, Schneider Electric is one which treats your home like a family’s nest and not some official project. Every automation, connection with the Internet of Things is done keeping in mind the people who live within that house. They offer numerous smart home automation services for you to choose from.

All you have to do is, research a little, look around your house and analyse what sort of smart home automation you are looking for and then, connect with the smart home solutions provider to work with you. Schneider electric helps you with every step of the automation process, whether it is installation, application or usage, they will guide you through every bit.

Always remember that smart home automation has been designed to make your life simpler and your lifestyle enhanced. You can always work around to make it work the way you want. There will always be newer technologies in smart homes but the best time to go for it is now. This way, you also get a chance to upgrade and update yourself with technologies like IoT, AI, API and many other.