For some people, anytime is tea time. Tea is the love people never want to give up on.  You can find thousands of tea lover quotes and memes online which loudly speak about their craze for this drink. Australia chai tea for sale is another interesting subject in the life of tea enthusiasts. Of course, there are many health benefits too related to tea. But unless consumed rightly anything can lead to ill effects. So can be the case with your favorite drink.

Tea comes in four variants which are green, black, oolong, and white. An interesting fact about tea is that all of these have their origination from the same plant species – Camellia sinensis.  It is the difference in the elements related to each tea. The environment in which tea grows, the way it is harvested, processed or blended leads to different types or flavors of tea. During the processing of tea like green tea, its oxidation process is prevented which helps in preserving more polyphenols. Organic green tea leaves are not fermented or oxidized which makes it invariably rich in EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).

Tea and Weight Loss

There is no substitute for organic. Be it tea or anything else. A cup of organic tea can help you burn those extra inches. Let’s understand how effective tea is in reducing your weight.

Increased Metabolism and Reduced Weight– Metabolism is the process in the body that lets the food convert into energy. It is the process accountable for raising or lowering your appetite. Organic tea is one of the good foods helpful in enhancing your metabolic rate. Tea consists of caffeine which acts as an antioxidant and speeds up metabolism. It increases the amount of energy consumed by the body which helps in burning fat in the body and thus reducing your weight.

Workout– While organic tea fosters your metabolic rate, also keep in mind that tea alone can’t help in reducing weight. You need to team it up with a regular workout routine and follow a healthy lifestyle to reap the benefits. Studies have linked weight management benefits of organic tea coupled with regular work out regime.

The benefits of tea have been known since time immemorial. It is not a surprise to see how tea continues to allure people with its magical effects. Other than providing you that amazing taste, Organic tea Australia helps in improving your digestive system, boosting your immunity, and reducing inflammation. If increased weight is a reason for your stress, you need not think twice about the benefit of organic tea.  However, supplement it with steady exercise and green leafy vegetables to yield maximum advantage.