So, these romance tips go out to all the grooms reading this – Make your wedding more special and impress your bride before the wedding day, just by considering and following these easy-to-carry-out ideas.

Wake her up with the essence of flowers:

If the morning is blissful then the whole day goes cheerful. If it is possible for you to either sneak into her room or enter her room with her parent’s permission, then you can decorate the entire room with her favorite flowers before she wakes up. And if you can’t do this, then just send her a beautiful and colorful flower bouquet because flowers are the sweetest gestures that can never go wrong when you are trying to impress your lady.

Let her go twirling with her girlfriends:

Girls shake their legs and go crazy together when there’s no one around. Best friends dancing together after years is a real treat. Plan a dance day and a rocking party for your girl and her best friends. You can book a club for some hours or just decorate a room for your girl.

Bring in some yummy food and let them all dance to their favorite childhood or party songs. These would be the best memories for your girl to cherish as she would remember the Jungleee dance that you planned for her and her besties, right before your wedding. This should definitely be a surprise party.

Take her to the place you both first met:

You both have come a long way, now it’s time to look back at the day it all started. It is the time for bringing back all the memories again and reliving the moment. Celebrate the journey where you both have traveled together and welcome the new beginnings of your life with a big smile.

Fulfill her wishes with an underwater photoshoot:

Weddings are an intimate affair that showcases the union of two souls. A pre-Wedding photoshoot is the reflection of that union! What better than telling your proposal story underwater? Get down on your knees and shove your ring underwater. Propose your “would be” again- this time for the cameras.

A long drive to a place under the sky with your moon:

A girl is at her purest state when at peace. Go to a place where you both can sit together. Talk about the daily chaos of life, discuss the problems, give each other solutions, hold hands, and most importantly live the moments, right under the sky.

Repeat the culture of writing letters and splash perfume over it:

Write a letter just like your grandpa wrote for your grandma during their times. The day before the D-day, sit down, write everything you feel for the woman you’re about to marry, and get it delivered to her the day before your wedding. Spread her favorite perfume on it, this would cheer her up and make her a little less sad about leaving her family behind.

Sneak into her room in a Bollywood style-

You can be the Raj to your Simran or Romeo to your Juliet. Whatever it takes, do it! These memories will last long, and you can ever share it with your grandchildren, not kidding. Be a man with enthusiasm, a boy with a style, and the groom with a filmy Tadka within

After doing even a few of these things, your bride will be so proud of you and will feel that you are perfect for her. The day before your marriage would not be sentimental but would be just amazing.

Be ready with your surprise as she’s going to be looking forward to it. This would unite you both for a lifetime. These are some romantic ideas for the wife.

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