Either way, the charm and popularity of Roulette has not diminished. This is a game that almost everyone in the world knows and loves it because of its simple rules and interesting gameplay. When the Roulette ball rolls slowly and prepares to fall into a certain bag, then the player is more nervous than ever. And perhaps because of the high excitement that Roulette has made it famous.

The rules of Roulette are extremely simple, even if you are inexperienced, you can understand and catch up with the rest of the table. Players only need to bet their favorite number and wait for the ball played by croupier. Winning numbers are announced after the ball lands in the number pocket. We can see that this game is very risky, because no one can stop the ball and run into the pocket. The best strategy is to manage your own bank account to avoid major losses.

Number Sequence of the Wheel

There are two types of  Roulette wheels in online casino Malaysia and its numerical sequence is also different:

  • Wheels have a zero.
  • The wheel has two zeroes.

Different variants will use different wheels. So players need to know what kind of wheel is to understand what variation they are playing. European Roulette uses wheels with a zero pocket, which means there will be 37 bags on wheels.

The American variant, the two-wheeled wheel, is not used because the American dealers have added a green bag. This affects the chance of winning, and the more profitable side is the house. In addition, the number marked on the wheel is also arranged in a different way.

Layout of the Roulette Numbers

One of the things that makes this game interesting is that the numbers on the wheels are not set by any standard. This is to prevent the player from guessing or drawing conclusions about the numbers after betting. In Roulette the numbers are colored in groups. The numbers are colored after careful consideration and make the game even better.

Does the Ball Follow any Pattern?

Many people oppose that Roulette operates according to a general principle. It was hotly discussed that the ball would roll down after a certain amount of movement, so within an estimated time, the number of selected pockets could be guessed. They think so, but now the opposite often happens more.

The wheel is an inanimate object, so it cannot be able to record the information of strikes and produce results like previous wins or losses. The results of Roulette are always random, the movement of the front wheel does not affect the results of the following rounds. In addition, the ball can fall into any pocket as it rolls slowly and stops.

Can imagine the Roulette wheel as a lottery wheel because the way it works is quite similar. After the old round ends and a new round begins, the odds of all rounds remain the same. If the player chooses a number, the odds of winning will be 1:38 or 1:37 depending on the variation, luck can help the player win twice in a row, but that does not mean to head on with thinking won the 3rd and subsequent times.

Because this is a high-risk game, and the chances of winning and losing in each round are the same. Players need to understand this to avoid thinking that the ball following a particular pattern is stopping after a certain time. This is not true!


Roulette is a game for everyone and try to play Roulette even once to understand how attractive it is. A game of high risk and tactics, which can be equipped only by learning how to control personal finances. Every time the ball moves and stops a number, it is a thrill waiting for the results. This is a great game used to entertain and create excitement for players. And finally, to become proficient, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the game before starting