In this article we will learn how to run payroll reports in Intuit Enhanced Payroll. Do you want to get detailed information at your business’s finances? There are many types of payroll reports that you can use to get closer information about your business and employees. In this post we will discussed with you about these reports and how to access them.

List of payroll reports

  1. Employee Details
  2. Employee Directory
  3. Multiple Worksites
  4. Paycheck List
  5. Payroll Billing Summary
  6. Payroll Deductions/Contribution
  7. Payroll Details
  8. Payroll Summary by Employee
  9. Payroll Summary
  10. Payroll Tax Liability
  11. Payroll Tax Payments
  12. Payroll Tax and Wage Summary
  13. Recent/Edited Time Activities
  14. Retirement Plans
  15. Time Activities by Employee Detail
  16. Total Pay
  17. Total Payroll Cost
  18. Vacation and Sick Leave
  19. Workers’ Compensation

Access payroll reports

  • Now that you’ve a close look at the different types of payroll reports those are available in your online payroll account, here’s let’s learn how you can access them.
  • Go to the Reports to find the name of the report.
  • Find the report and enter the report name on the search field.
  • When you enter a report name then a Search results appear on you window. Select the report you want to view.
  • Filter your report according to employee, date range, and work location
  • Select Run report.

Additional features

You can now mark reports as your want or according to your requirement. With these additional features, it is easy to access the reports as it will show up in the Favorites section.

  • Go to Reports, then Standard – >Scroll down to the Payroll section – >Next to the report name, select Favorites – >Customize report.

To customize your report

  • Go to Reports then select Standard -> Scroll down to the Payroll section -> Next to the report name, select Customize ⋮.

Print your reports

  • After running a report, you can go ahead and print it:
  • Go to the Reports page and then select Share ▼.

Select how you want to print your report:

Export to Excel: If you want to print your report in an excel format then select this option. An excel file gets downloaded. Now Open and print the report.

Printer Friendly: If you choose to print your report exactly how it looks in your payroll account, select this option, then Print.