There are a lot of factors that adds the importance of steel, as a metal. India and the relation of the metal with it is huge. India that belongs to the class of growing nations, struggle with a lot of aspects to reach a decent position compared to other nations. But, it’s far very industrious with its metallic (steel) manufacturing that plays an important position in making India gain its reasonably priced balance because it ranks third inside the steel enterprise around the arena. By 2025 it is already predicted that India will surpass many countries in its Steel production by a production of many million tons.

There are a lot of interesting facts about steel which you will read now.

  1. How many of them have played with rubber bands in their childhood? Many of us had done it. Many of us still do. Anyways, you will be amazed to know that the strongest metal is also the most stretchable metal. Yes, it is more elastic than a rubber. So that when you use steel bars in construction, it can allow you to mound it in any shape. Also, since it has this quality, it resists serious earth tremors and earthquakes and protect the house.
  2. There is a wrong notion that iron is stronger than steel. It is a thousand times stronger than iron. At the same time, we should know that it is an alloy of iron. Now, adding a small amount of carbon to it with other elements in its appropriate levels shall increase its workable strength. With its paramount strength, it is very much workable and convenient to work with.
  3. Steel is known as the green metal. Reason being it is easily recyclable. The steel industries we see might be using the old steel that is recycled. You should know that steel is the only metal which when recycled do not lose it strength nor any of its properties. Due to this, imagine the cost reduction and also the whole amount of uses.
  4. Like we discussed above, India is one of the leading steel producers. So, we should also know that the job opportunities they provide is also high. About 2-3 million people work in the industries from every parts of India.
  5. We give away the car when it gets old. Or sell it to a slagheap. We should know that an old car is enough to provide a major part of any structure built of steel, be it a building or another car or whatever it may be. Steel, since it is recyclable, can produce a lot of things with the same amount of old steel.
  6. Carbon must be added to increase the various positive properties of steel. But, an inappropriate amount of carbon does bad to the properties, it can have an adverse effect. It causes rust and corrosion to the metal, hence weakening it.
  7. A steel structure will last over fifty to sixty years. Seems unbelievable but it is the truth.

Imagine all these factors in a more modified form. That is TMT bars for you. When steel bars are thermally treated, and undergone many treatments for its betterment, we get TMT bars. TMT bars are undoubtedly the strongest and carry an extra quality of being corrosion resistant along with the high flexibility. But there are a lot of advantages for steel bars as such. It is never better to compromise for the quality yet steel bars are also much valued in the market. TMT bars of Tamil – Nadu are of supreme quality and are the greatest producing state.