Do not call them “vigilantes”: security agents are now respected professionals, and no organ of the profession uses this term, which turns out to be very simplistic in designating their missions. The number of security or surveillance agents has just recently exceeded that of other professionals with whom they are often compared: police officers. Now more than opposing these two professions, they should now be combined, the work of some being complementary to that of others. By the uninterrupted professionalization of their profession, the diversification of their missions, the ever more demanding requirements of their employers and their customers, they represent today effective partners capable of serving businesses best and of positively conveying their image.

What are the missions of a security guard today? What are the professional obligations that he must respect and the qualities that he must demonstrate? According to what criteria should the agent or agents best suited to their needs be chosen, and at what price?

The role of a security guard and his area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention
Contrary to what many professionals might imagine, the fundamental role of a security guard is not so much to intervene in the event of an incident as to ensure the prevention of a certain number of risks concerning the security of their clients. From this fundamental role arise several types of possible missions and areas of intervention.

Role of a security guard
The role of an agent is above all a prevention role. By monitoring it, it effectively deters and prevents attacks on property, people but also information and data in the area it monitors. In emergencies and only in emergencies, he may be required to intervene directly to enforce safety rules, within the limits of his powers. But its role in the event of an incident is above all to contact the appropriate specialist services. Armed guards orange county

The preventive role can be directed towards the dangers represented by malicious people or towards events likely to affect the safety of property and people. An example of this second case is the fire, which is quite specific since the surveillance is entrusted to specialized agents: the agent of the Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Services or SSIAP agent. The presence of this type of agent is compulsory in establishments open to the public at the rate of more than 3,000 people per day, or apartment buildings of more than 50 meters (28 meters for any other type of building). The role of SSIAP officers is then to control the effectiveness of all fire-fighting devices, from alarms to evacuation routes, including fire extinguishers and firefighters, to alert the emergency services and evacuate the public.

How to choose your agents?
In order to properly orient your search for a security guard, several criteria can be used.

The price is obviously a variable, and it is possible to roughly estimate the cost of an agent according to the missions which will be entrusted to him.

Selection criteria
Most of the time, and even if freelancers exist, a company will not directly select a professional security officer, it will choose one or more security agencies which will dispatch one or more agents best able to take care of its needs. .

If it is not impossible to control the qualities of the agents who will be proposed by these specialized companies, and check if they correspond to those mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article, it will be easier to assess the company itself. even.

Security and surveillance companies are therefore to be assessed, after all, like many other business partners:

– By seeking information on its seniority, and by seeking to know if the activity has always been continuous during its presence on the market,

– By seeking its references, and by seeking to know if the missions which were carried out for these references are comparable to those which are envisaged,

– By controlling their professional approvals and compliance with their legal obligations, in this case the prefecture authorization and an insurance adapted to the missions,

– By trying to know the turnover of the staff of this company.

Security guard prices
Supervisors and security officers have the advantage of having their remuneration based on a precise index grid changed each year.

It is therefore relatively easy to know the hourly rate of these professionals, knowing that the companies which hire them rarely deviate from the legal minimums.