Being a dedicated fiberglass pipe manufacturer and supplier, the company should make superb kind of fiberglass pipes that can fulfill all of their customer’s needs. They should use an advanced tech to precisely produce these products. Their top objectives should be to stand along with every solicitation form their customers.

Basic Features of Fiberglass (FRP) Pipes

When it is about looking for the best FRP pipe manufacturers then you would definitely go for something worth considering, and reliable. While looking for the best FRP pipes, you would probably think about the features of the pipes.

Corrosion Resistance
FRP pipes are manufactured with composite glass fiber and polyesterresin. FRP pipes are solid material which provides excellent resistance to corrosion, high weathering and high chemical resistance

The process of Polymerization and Vaporization along with the filament winding manufacturing technology enables FRP pipes to be produced in exact conformity of the laws in forces, governing the production of the pipes which will be in contact to potable water and food stuff

Hydraulic Efficiency
With the very smooth internal surface FRP pipes provide “c” value to carry high water pressure at very low friction, saves electricity and offers better pumping.

Longer Services Life
Hydraulic design basis (HDB) of FRP pipes is such that, even after 50 years of service is would still be having the safety factor of 1.8 of the pressure class. FRP pipes would definitely have long service life, reliability and durability with much lower cost as compared to other kinds of pipes.

Surge Pressure
FRP pipes provide high resistance surge pressure with a lot of stiffness offering a very less chance of bursting due to water hammer as compared to steel pipes.

Low Thermal & Electrical Conductivity
FRP pipes have a great thermal insulating property and there is no need to insulate the pipe from the outside to maintain the temperature pf the pipe. Cathodic protection is also not needed for FRP pipes.