Service Desk vs. Help Desk Services in India: Definition, Difference & Example

Living in a world of constant technology expedition is challenging and much needed to match up the pace with competitors to mark the purpose of business as complete.

Witnessing the quick upsurge in demand for fast delivery with excellent results, the organizations tend to outsource their business operations to third-party organizations, expertise in the same.

If asked, what makes a business successful when you are expected to deliver up-to-mark services to your customer?… Maybe a relentless customer support service with the organization’s smooth and quick functioning system and software.

To cope with certain loopholes, the organizations are seen outsourcing their service desk and help desk services in India, as the country is well known for its luminary skills and outsourcing channels.

In a budding and mature organization, the installation of the service desk and help desk services are seen as a much-needed solution for connecting with customers at an easy-go under the shell of ITSM ( IT service management).

It is often conceptualized that these duo terms meant the same… but is it real or a delusionary subject?

Let’s Dive in!

What is the Service Desk?

The service desk is the single point of contact between the service provider and the final user.

The facility of service desk bolsters the users for getting lights on service-related queries along with technical ones.

The platform aims to offer dedicated services to its customers in an appropriate manner with end to end support.

The service also allows us to track down all issues raised by the customer from password change to assist the employees of the client’s organization in getting familiar with the system and software.

Let’s understand the whole situation with an example; Myntra, being the renowned eCommerce platform, claims to offer excellent support to its customer on various matters, including reliance on refund and shipping the product to Myntra VIP subscription, and issues regarding the failure of coupon code, etc.

Here, the service covers almost every issue that the customer or support agent may come across, making a quick way for a cent-percentage successful conversion, with 360° customer support services over the channel of email, fax, and even phone call.

What is Help Desk Services?

Help desk services are the range of services meant explicitly for offering support to the IT team to troubleshoot the error in the process.

To offer help desk service in India, the trained professionals, aka managers, are hired to address the matter falling on the IT ground.

Here, the query session generally revolves around technical questions that can complete the user’s need, where the user is not meant to be end-user/consumer.

Let’s say, organization A has outsourced their this piece of the section to the company handling similar chores with easy efforts and noticeable results.

If the organization has outsourced only an individual section of help desk services, then the outsourcing organization is solely responsible for fixing the issues related to IT services.

Suppose an employee joins an organization A. Obviously, there must be a need for setting up the system gulped with all sorts of required software. Here, the outsourcing services for help desk come into the scene as it holds the authority to conduct all requisites from a remote location itself and gives assistance over IT complications within no time.

As a result, the service will complete the task efficiently and without disturbing other necessary office chores.

To cut long in short, we can also say that the help desk is the subset of the service desk.

help desk is a subset of service desk

Key Difference- Service Desk vs. Help Desk Services in India:

The people on the lower ground usually get confused with a duo of terms due to a sense of offering.

Before we jump to list out the difference between the two, it important to point out the similarities for a better understanding of the matter.

If looking for a service desk and help desk service in India, you can aspect IT support from both ITSM (IT service management) and ITSSM (IT support service management).

Let’s have a look at some crucial points of differences going on which, one can easily clear out the point of differences amid the duo.

Difference Between Service Desk and Help Desk

Service Desk

Help Desk

It is a business-centric support service.

It is a user-centric support service.

It offers solutions for issues dealing with IT support along with related services.

It offers solutions for issues dealing with IT troubleshooting and services.

It acts as a specific point of communication (SPOC) between the service provider and the end-user.

It acts as a channel of communication by addressing the issues of employees and customers related to the concern.

Service desk in proactive in nature.

Help desk services in reactive in nature.

Over 36% of organizations prefer the service desk in India as a support center for their business.

Over 23% of organizations prefer to help desk service in India as a support center for their business purpose.

Why Outsource Service Desk or Help Desk Service in India?

India has always been an outsourcing hub for business services, whether its Hr & Finance administration or a part of call center services.

Moreover, the country also holds ample professionals, expertise in the domain of IT support and services, which makes them a perfect choice to work over support channels of the service desk and help desk services in India.

By outsourcing the business essentials to India, one can emphasize other business priorities as the agents of outsourcing firms are trained in a form to discard the barriers of language and time constraints aspect i.e; they do conduct the work at round the clock services.

Therefore, if you are the one planning to explore the business opportunities in the terms of IT support and services, then you must have thorough info about the how-doings of both service desk and help desk services, as they both serve a different purpose, followed by the assorted form of results.