The busiest time for homeowners and caretakers is almost upon us, as we approach winters.

Besides sorting out the winter accessories and clothes and getting the seasonal changes focused on cleaning, our electrical equipment and general maintenance bits like plumbing and electrical needs are often ignored. Where the truth is that our heating and cooling units and our water supplies need cleaning and maintenance checks with the passing of each season, and though it may seem like a lot of hassle right now, winterizing your home will save you a lot of time, effort, and energy in spring.

You can start by prepping your air conditioning units and plumbing maintenance for the winter. Most maintenance steps can be easily done by yourself at home. For ones that seem difficult, you can contact the best heating company or the best plumbing company in your area and forget all maintenance worries throughout the cold months!

For this article, we will particularly focus on air conditioning maintenance. Read on to find out how we can take the best care of our conditioning equipment: appliances’ safety and condition.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Steps for the Winter


Follow the AC maintenance steps below for stress-free winter months:

1. Turn off the Power

Your A/C’s external power circuit is in a small box, which should be mounted on the side of your home. To cut the power, locate the box, then lift its cover and flip the switch to turn it off.

This may seem like extra work, and it’s very unlikely that you’ll face any electrical problems, but to be on the safe side, it’s better to keep your A/C powered off until you want it on again.


2. Cleanliness is the way to go.

Before you say goodbye to your A/C, you should consider cleaning out the whole system. It’s really easy to do, and if you have kids, you can even make this a bonding experience! First, take a broom and wipe away any leaves, debris, dirt, and branches. After this, use a hose to wash away any remaining dirt.

Cleaning out your A/C now prevents any dirt or grime from clogging it up and making it difficult to use in the warmer months. By cleaning now, you’re saving yourself from dishing out large sums for future maintenance and also prolonging your A/C’s life.

3. Tend its Pre-Winter Needs

Before you cover up your A/C, there are some final measures you need to take to make sure it stays in good condition. First of all, stand next to your A/C when it’s on, and listen to the compressor to see if it’s making any unusual sounds like clunking, buzzing, or grinding. You may need to get in touch with the best air conditioning company and get it checked.

Besides this, change the air filters of your air conditioner and protect the wires and pipes of your A/C by covering the unit with foam pipe covers. These covers make sure your A/C stays insulated, and none of its intricate parts freeze or get damaged because of the cold.

4. Cover up the A/C

After you’ve done all the tasks mentioned above, cover up with an A/C cover by placing it appropriately over the unit and ensuring the fit is not too tight to allow for ventilation.


5. Get Your A/C Serviced

Getting your A/C serviced before winter ensures that it’s ready to use in the spring, and to get it thoroughly cleaned so dirt or dust don’t damage its body over the cold months. This will also save you time when the weather warms up again. Hit two birds with one stone by also getting your water heater serviced just in time for winter!

Before you cover up your A/C and let it rest overwinters, make sure all your bases are covered by following all the steps mentioned above.

Enjoy winters and seasonal festivities and be carefree about your appliances’ safety and condition.