You know you are putting your money in the right place when you go for cookware that lasts for a long duration and does not incur damage that easily. While it can be tempting to stock up with the latest equipment available in the market, anyone with a well-equipped kitchen will tell you that when looking at cookware, the non-stick kind is the one you simply cannot do without. Having said that, you cannot really know for sure whether you are choosing the right kind of pots and pans in the non-stick range or can you?

Here are a few signs that tell you that you are going for the right kind of cookware when you are looking at the non-stick variety.

It should be of the right material

A majority of non-stick pans are made from either stainless-steel tri-ply or aluminium. With the former kind, you obtain more even heating. Having said that, these pans are also a bit on the heavier side of things. With aluminium, you can expect a better heating capacity though they are not the best for even heat distribution. These pans cannot be used on induction burners. If you do, the pan needs to be induction compatible.

Pay attention to the purpose of your cooking

If you are looking for non-stick cookware that works well for browning and searing, you might want to think again. It is advised that you do not use non-stick cookware if you are going to cook on high heat. In order to make sure your investment proves to be a success, you need to take this factor into account. So, while it may not always be a success when searing steak, it is going to be beneficial for making omelettes.

The coating matters as well

All in all, there are two different kinds of non-stick coatings. The most common and trending one is PTFE (also commonly known as Teflon). This is a synthetic coating that repels water. The other kind of coating is ceramic coating. This type of coating is mostly silica-based gel. No matter what type of coating you go for, they both ensure food does not stick to the surface of the pan. However, there is a possibility that Teflon coatings are known to last longer when compared to the ceramic ones as long as you pay attention to instructions and see that you do not scratch it.

Quality above everything else

You need to look at the number of layers that come in the interior coating as well as the formula composition. A cookware set online that comes with patented or ‘branded’ coating may be priced higher but it can also give you better food release abilities. Usually, three layers of the non-stick coating are ideal for longer-lasting equipment. If you find that the cooking surface of the pan is a little rough, you can know that it has one or two layers of coating.

Don’t forget to take into account the price factor

In simple terms, you get what you pay for when you are looking at cookware and kitchen equipment. However, in no way does this mean that you have to go all out and spend it all on a non-stick pan. The non-stick will sooner or later wear off no matter how well you look after your pots and pans. So, see that you pay for good quality equipment that does well for a good amount of time without being mindless and purchasing equipment that may not necessarily last your entire life.

So, there you go. Pay attention to this and you are sure to end up with non-stick cookware that is worth investing in.