When we play with slot games and slot machine games, we play to win more often than not – but it can be easy to forget this and carry on gaming because you are simply having fun playing slot games in the moment and then perhaps comes the stark realisation that you have been playing on and on but have not won a thing? 

Well, others that have played with games at wizard slots before have turned their hand to a rather shady, we will call it a hack – and they have cheated. It has been possible in the past to cheat with slot machines, but that does not mean that the cheats that have been used in the past were easy to pull off. Back then too, the players of slot games had the luxury of using a physical machine, and now as we game with slot machines online, these cheats would simply be out of the question. 

So, a slot machine cheat that would not work now is actually one that was really popular back in the day when the slot machines were popular too everywhere but online. The way that this particular cheat, or hack, worked was by someone placing a device around the stand of the machine which would manipulate and change the game around so that the player would get a pay out. 

This slot machine cheat was really popular then, and although it would not work now it is worth noting that these devices were quite sophisticated for their time and as such these devices went by popular, peculiar and interesting sounding titles like ‘light wand’ and ‘monkey’s paw’, and it is a very interesting thing to note too that the title ‘monkey’s paw’ came from the infamous allegorical story that was written by W.W Jacobs, and in this story the owner of a dead monkey was given wishes -however this story does not have a happy ending. 

How would a slot machine cheat work? 

In the days she slot machines were very popular, there was a very popular method which was used in the slot machines that we would not rally know about today without a little bit of research to find out before hand. 

Back in the day when slot machines were more popular than the online games, there was a popular method that was used for cheating during the game and this was a tool which then was titled a ‘top-bottom joint’, and this was basically nothing more than a slice of metal that would be placed into the slot part of the machine which would then release coins, but of course once more this is an option that is not available to us for use now. 

We play games now, in particular slot machine games, pretty much exclusively through online platforms. With these online platforms it just is not possible to cheat in this day and age as any games that are online have been made with more sophisticated technology than ever before, and this is also where algorithms come into play which means that you simply will not be able to cheat as there is no way around these. 

How online gaming changed slot machine cheats 

So this means that because of the rise in online gaming, and in particular online slot machine gaming, you simply will not be able to cheat with slot machine games as any of these games that you play have got to be played fair and square with any of the winnings that you do get having been won fair and square in the traditional way. 

The only way that perhaps you could have cheated was by using the traditional style of slot machines, which of course is just not really that possible or likely to be played in this digital day and age – if you can even really call it slot machine cheats. The best way to win is quite simply by having lady luck on your side really, and slot machine games are entirely random so there just is no guarantee you can win even with a cheat. 

However, you can count on a strategy to help increase your chances of winning with a slot game if you know what you are doing, and as with everything in life it is important to remember that you win some and you lose some – we all know that is just the way in life.

Although, having said all of this and made quite a few points that are valid – it is certainly not completely impossible to cheat with slot machine games and somewhat even hack the system if that is what you would like to do – but there would be a risk of consequences so it is worth taking into account whether or not you feel like that would be worth it and as long as it does not spoil the fun of the game in the end. 

There are a few ways that a lot of us have tried to cheat when we are playing with slot machine games, but none have been very successful – one way that is successful though is by taking advantage of the initial player sign ups which are offered to all players when they first come to join an online casino – but only those that are genuine. 

Online casinos have caught and filtered out those who are signing up to online casinos just with the sole intention of taking advantage of thee bonus offers, and as such a lot of online casinos have now added extra terms and conditions which apply to the use of bonuses before any of the winnings have been deposited and so now many of the casinos, if not all, that do offer a deposit bonus won’t let you bet on it outside the values featured on the roulette wheel, and for other games a certain number will need to be played before you can cash bonus funds.