The past few months have been nothing short of a rollercoaster. From ushering in the new year to saying goodbye to everyday life for months on end, and now getting back to life with mixed emotions and uncertainty, 2020 has been one exceptional year. Even in the 3rd week of June, people were restricted from leaving their apartments in Bangalore due to a week-long lockdown. Whether you were living in a 2BHK on Sarjapur Road or a luxury apartments in Whitefield, life has changed like never before, and for the considerable future as well. So as things start opening up, how do we get back to our day to day lives?

Proceed with care

As we move towards the ‘new normal’, it’s important to give ourselves ample time and space. It will be difficult to get back to things in full swing. We suggest you take your time and keep your safety as top priority. Do not exert yourself too much and gradually take on more of your responsibilities as the days pass.

Safety is still top priority

Even though things may seem to be improving, the risks still remain quite at large. While we go through ebbs of rising & falling cases, we must ensure our safety is never compromised. Wherever we might go, we must always wear a mask. Social distancing and regular washing of hands are still effective combative measures we must follow. The general safety guidelines will help us get past this, sure and steady.

Inform, be informed

With an increase in mobility and physical interaction in the last few weeks, the risks of the virus spreading might increase. To start with, we must make it a point to travel and meet people only when it is absolutely necessary. Even if we are attempting to go about our normal routines, we must always be up to date with the latest pandemic-related information. Make it a point to keep up to date with official, authentic information regarding affected areas and other related news. Ensure you keep your loved ones informed as well, The spread of misinformation is one of the greatest troubles of our time, and we must proactively stop this from happening as much as we can.

None of us have ever been in a challenging situation like this. It is important to stay safe, stay connected, and stay responsible. The only way we can overcome this situation is if we all cooperate and combine our efforts. We as one of the top builders in Bangalore have elaborate safety measures in place for site visits. We have also upgraded our website and digital sales assistance so the search for your dream home never stops.

The article was published at DSR blogs.