<strong>TikTok Growth Predictions for 2021</strong>
Since earlier this year, TikTok has surpassed the 2 billion downloads benchmark. TikTok has grown uniquely fast compared to other social media channels. Reaching hundreds of millions of downloads within the first five months of 2020 and accelerated by the rising online activities during the quarantine
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<strong>Everything To Know About Instagram Livestream</strong>
The sheer number of followers on your Instagram account may be good for business, but it’s the number of loyal followers that matters the most. These people will advocate for your brand online and recommend you to their friends
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<strong>How to Get Instagram Followers from TikTok</strong>
Instagram and TikTok are known to have their own characteristics and even their own types of active audiences. Many of these audiences have both platforms and enjoy different types of entertainment across the platform
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<strong>How to Make The Social Media Influencer Resume Look Proficient and WOW</strong>
Social media influencers are the brand ambassadors of a business. It takes more than a long friend’s list on Facebook and posting every day to be a social media pro of high exposure and impact
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<strong>4 TikTok Marketing Ideas for Marketers</strong>
TikTok has one of the biggest user base and active users among all popular social media. It is undeniable that brands that are active on TikTok will benefit from large exposure and wide market outreach
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