If I discuss the current year, the famous TV series from May to September is the factor in the upcoming shows stream on a cable network or other medium in summer on your TV screens. Some of the shows are unique that are brighter than the others. As I discuss the best series for the current year, they show the 90’s of Trans women, damage the whole city with a fire of a dragon or taking half an hour of comedy into concise for almost 15 minutes.

Your timeline of the different social networking sites burst it with the discussion of Stranger Things or The Game of thrones. If you missed those hottest updates of the year then you don’t need to worry. Our recommended TV series to saw across the many genres amusing the outright horror stranger from the light. You have multiple options to watch different shows on the tv but is not easy to find stuff quickly to watch them. You don’t hesitate and feel free to watch the “Leap Day” episode of 30 Rock to watch in a good time. It is ranked as the best tv series in early 2019. As on last year, they only show the scripted series to consider in the list.

Here is the few popular trending TV series of 2019,

Stranger Things
In the early ’80s, the Dungeons and the dragons or the moody Electronica has many fans and followers proved that this series is for you. In this story, the young guy named Will Byers goes on a trip to a mysterious place to find interesting things and he disappears from the community in the small town in the afternoon. A little girl named as Eleven with the shaved head appears on that place and join the community. The search has started by Will’s family and their friends. As time passes, the things going from bad to worst with the strange things occur like supernatural that makes you scared with a cry and jump all around the way. You can take the reference from the 80’s movie to keep your eye out in the endless journey with Binge-watch for additional enjoyment.

The Walking Dead

It is also the most famous and leading TV series of the current year. Many fans discussing on different social networking sites its horrifying and dreadful episodes. It’s not just the series of apocalypse zombie but the lots of deadly evil will make this journey more haunted and inspirational followed by the Rick Grimes with their teammates of close friends who are ready to face survival with equal bound and you may also face death with your team members so don’t trust any strangers outside the field. They can take you towards the deadly horrible places to face them and fight with the zombie for your life to survive this place. Every new episode of the series will take you towards new adventure and era to explore and sometimes you laugh by searching the Walking Dead memes list to discover them.

The Vampire Diaries

In this popular sizzling series with Stefan Salvatore and Damon as brothers in their role & vampires for hundreds of years. In this story, they take normal human life towards eternal adolescents with the termination. Stefan falls in deep love with Elena, although he is a good brother to Damon. As time passes, Elena & Stefan getting closer to each other and hug her tightly and kiss her to give pleasure. But Damon (brother of Stefan) doesn’t like his brother’s love for Elena so he tries to break their relationship by any means. Not because he is naturally evil but try to take revenge with his brother to make him a vampire for many years. It is one of the top TV series in past years which is moving towards the ending but unable to stop beginner from trying it out.


Supernatural is the U.S.A’s longest-running action tv series from the Makers, Eric Kripke who attempted to pitch this series insufficiently for a long time before it began in September 2005. Albeit frightening now and again and known for its comedic stuff, Supernatural recounts the numerous and shifted accounts of the Winchester siblings, Dean and Sam, who together clash with heavenly animals everywhere throughout the nation.
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