Todays’ in Digital world all things and businesses aremove forward on Android/IOSMobile, Android tablet, as well as on iPad. We can surf website and use any software application on any handheld digital devices.

I am owner of best Burger king shop. and you definitely heard about me and also tried our yummy burger with your friend, family as well as with your love once.My whole business running very smooth and fantastic over the world.Also, we have website and also defined each of our stores location name, address, city, state, zip code, photos, hour of operations of each day defined well on our website. But one day in morning i got one email on my business email that “One of customer has difficult to find nearest store from their current location”. Initially I ignored that email but after few days later I got same query email from another customer. And I think about that query which raised by our customer. Then after in monthly meeting with our manager and our IT support teamand I discussed about that query with our team and everybody agreed and think about to resolve their customer’s issue quickly. Our IT support team and developer find a way to give more functionality on website.But the implementation of that solutions will take more time and development costing is too much. As well as need to more resources (Zip code database, need a very great designer and very accurate Developer).But I want to implement that functionality very quick on our website and serve that unique functionality very quick on our customer’s plate.

I tried on google and other best search engines about my requirement related to “Store Locator” solutions.There are on google result I found lots number of software. I tried many software websites and tried all demos but not happy with anyone. I went to one of my friend, and my friends also have same type of business I asked about my query to him and my friend give me a name “Pin Point Store Locator”. I just checked that name on Google and yes found one article on I found one article on website (who provide free guest posting service under all majored categories).Checked demos and each features on website and very impressive. What they write on website features lists andall things available on demos. Also checked pricing on and compare that prices with other competitor and wow awesome their price is too nominal as we can say its totally free.I contacted to Pin Point Store Locator’s owner about to purchase their service for my Burger King Website.And asked to how to use their service for our website. Their supporting just gives me some below simple steps to use Pin Point Store Locator’s service.

  1. Register account by using email address.
  2. In Post login screen have some two lines of piece of code.
  3. Put that two lines of piece of code on website at where you want to run Store Locator.
  4. All done.

After reading above steps provided by PIN POINT STORE LOCATOR.I thought I will be very difficult to make registration, find codes and how to put that code on website.But awesomeits very easy to make registrations and I found JavaScript code very quick. I went to my IT support team and yes they put code in website in a second. Yes, Store Locator runs very fine. I went to Pin Point Store Locator’s admin section try to change title, font size, font color, store locator’s background color to make look like my Burger Kings’ and yes, its very easy to set look and feel of Store Locator’s widget. Now its looks like just one part of my webpage and nobody can say that its third-party widget.

After that I uploaded my all location’s CSV file to Pin Point Store Locator’s admin section and all stores made live. I emailed to my customers to check Store Locator on my burger king’s website and they are very happy to use Store Locator Software.

Now my customers never need to check each address and pick nearest one best store from thousands of stores. Customer just need enter their current ZIP CODE in box and need to press one button that’s it Store Locator lists best nearest stores by distance and driving directions.

I recommended to everyone write some unique about your product and submit free guest posting on website. is very impressive for free article submission.I also found PIN POINT STORE LOCATOR on that article submission website.