Cash drives the world as we know it. Along these lines, in case you’re anticipating going around the world to the place that is known for Australia, you’ll need a touch of money to be coming in. Lamentably, similar to everything throughout everyday life, your student visa’s going to cost you.

Student Visa Subclass 500 accompany student visa expenses. Student trade accompanies education costs. Also, student living accompanies, you got it, living expenses.

Concentrating in Australia takes a great deal of arranging. Furthermore, likewise with all around considered plans, you have to spending plan. Time to discover how a lot of your student visa application and student trade are going to cost you. You have to ensure your trade in Australia doesn’t burn up all available resources.

How about we start off with the visa application expense. In case you’re anticipating concentrating in Australia, you’re going to need to apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500.

The base application charge for the Subclass500 is (as of now) $575AUD. This likewise applies to students in the post-graduate research division. It’s somewhat expensive however it must be finished.

This charge is material for students inside or outside of Australia. Along these lines, in the event that you are re-applying while in Australia you’ll need to pay the $575AUD once more. The student visa expense is only the blessing that continues giving.

On the off chance that you need to make your student trade a family undertaking you can include relatives onto your application. You and your fam bam can make a consolidated visa application. Which just makes life simpler truly. The drawback is that you will need to pay extra candidate charges. The upside is that mum will cook.

The extra candidate charge (for 18years and over) will add $430AUD to your visa application expense. On the off chance that the extra candidate is under 18years, the expense may be an extra $140AUD. Along these lines, if cash’s an issue, you can discard the guardians and simply bring your more youthful kin.

Presently the visa application charge isn’t the finish of the expenses. You will need to take care of different expenses to tick the visa application necessities. This incorporates wellbeing evaluations, wellbeing spread, education costs, student settlement, police authentications, and the expense of some other testaments or tests.


With Australian migration, student or else, you’re going to need to do wellbeing assessments before you get your visa affirmed. We have to ensure you’re perfectly healthy.

Expenses are altogether reliant on your nation of origin, which assessments you’re by and by required to take, and which practice you decide to take your medicals at.

As a rule the essential clinical assessment in Australia is somewhere in the range of $200 and $300 AUD. Fingers crossed it’s less expensive in your nation of origin. This is for the standard assessment, yet you may by and by be required to take additional assessments by My Health Declarations.

The Department of Home Affairs will list the standard assessment your visa requires in My Health Declarations. On the My Health Declarations landing page, when you click on the connection to sort out your wellbeing assessments, you’ll be asked to:

Record your clinical history on the web

Agree to having your wellbeing assessments recorded electronically

Download a referral letter which will contain a wellbeing identifier (HAP ID). This is to be given to the board facility when you make your arrangement.

Your referral letter will layout which wellbeing assessments you by and by are required to take and empower you to finish these at an affirmed board center outside Australia (or with the relocation clinical administrations supplier in Australia).


Alright so you’ve breezed through the wellbeing assessments without a hitch. Presently you have to guarantee you remain solid. Furthermore, this implies medical coverage.

To be qualified to apply for a student visa you should have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The Australian specialists expect you to have satisfactory medical coverage for the length of your stay in Australia.

Your protection strategy should be in real life from the minute you step off the plane to the minute you bounce back on it. It will furnish you with clinical and medical clinic protection during your student trade in Australia.

You have to arrange your OSHC before you present your student visa application. What’s more, similar to your visa application, your OSHC additionally accompanies a charge.

As far as cost your OSHC spread can shift a bit. Everything relies upon: what level of protection spread you pick, to what extent you intend to have the spread for, and which supplier you decide to get spread with.

To give you a general thought on value… your Standard OSHC Policy will cost somewhere in the range of $480 and $560 AUD per annum. Once more, this relies upon which supplier you decide for your student wellbeing spread.

You can take a stab at contrasting government approved suppliers with perceive how their strategies vary regarding highlights and costs. Make sense of which cost and arrangement is directly for you. We live in the period of decision all things considered.

In the event that you need thoughts for suppliers, a few (confirmed) OSHC insurance agencies in Australia include: Australian Health Management (AHM), Bupa Australia, Medibank, Allianz Global Assistance, and NIB. Allianz and Medibank are on the higher finish of the value range, while AHM and NIB are more on the spending side of life.

Model One-Year Standard Cover (subject to change): 

AHM: $486

NIB: $491

Bupa: $544

Medibank: $545

Allianz: $558


Like OSHC, with the goal for you to be qualified to apply for a student visa, you should likewise have your education costs and general funds composed. With regards to your visa application, the Department of Home Affairs needs to know: Do you have the assets to help yourself?

You will need to get your assets so as to demonstrate your ability to really pay your way through your trade. This implies proof of budgetary limit.

You have to have enough cash really accessible to you to pay for your course charges, travel, and living expenses while trading in Australia. Fanciful companions can’t pay your expenses.

Proof of certifiable access to reserves is a prerequisite for your student visa application. Without the privilege capital you won’t be qualified. Point clear. Full stop. No buts about it.

You have to give narrative proof of your budgetary limit when you present your visa. You can pick one of the accompanying alternatives:

Twelve Months Funds: Provide proof of assets to cover travel to Australia, a year living, and course charges:

Travel Costs: If applying out of Australia incorporate $2,000AUD (with the exception of if applying from East/South Africa for example $2,500AUD, West Africa for example $3,000AUD). In the event that applying inside Australia incorporate $1,000 for the flight home.

Living Costs: The Twelve Month living expense is $20,290AUD for students. In case you’re bringing additional individuals include $20,290AUD whenever joined by a gatekeeper, $7,100AUD for Spouse/Partner or $3,040AUD for a kid.

Course Fees: Calculate the principal 12months of your particular course charges. This does exclude any prepaid expenses. In the event that you are now in Australia and your course has initiated, you compute the course expense payable for the year time frame (beginning from the date you stopped your visa application).

Yearly Income: Provide proof that you meet the yearly salary necessity.

You should have an individual yearly salary of in any event $60,000AUD. Furthermore, for those students joined by relatives, the necessity is at any rate $70,000AUD.

The pay you show must be either the individual salary of your mate or parent/s. In the event that both your folks work, their joined salary can be considered. Proof must appear as authentic government archives, for example, charge appraisal.

Certified Access To Funds: You and any going with relatives must show you will approach the assets while in Australia.

At the point when someone else/business is giving assets, show proof of the relationship and any history of budgetary help, including character records.

On the off chance that depending on a monetary store, any ongoing enormous stores must be clarified, and you can likewise clarify progressing stores like wages.

In the event that you have training advance that covers education costs as well as everyday costs, payment ought to be given. Incorporate the advance terms and everything of the credit to be dispensed.

In case you’re depending on another sort of credit, show proof of insurance used to get the advance, terms of understanding, and ability to take care of continuous expenses. You can also get in touch with your nearest Migration Agent Perth for your visa consultancy.